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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sledding the Himalayas and overcooked sausage :(

Well the sausage is finished and I confess I overcooked the snack sticks.  I got distracted building a snow sled race track with Kaitlin.  It wasn't huge but we had a ton of fun.  By the time we were finished I had shoveled any loose snow within 30 ft of our track and had hauled out some plywood from the shop to correct some grade issues we were having on our initial test runs.  The run went from the top of the barn drive and into the pasture via a rocky debris strewn hillside.  This was as close to the Khumbu Ice Falls as you can get in our yard and we took full advantage of it.  I am cursed with an overactive imagination.  Unfortunately I always have to return to reality and I informed Kaitlin we had just spent $20,000 on our Himalayan adventure.  Anyways here was our route.  I say was because the temps have reached almost 40 and the snow is melting fast.

Even Gunner had to go for a ride!

Believe it or not he sat in the sled the whole way down the hill.
So needless to say boys will be boys and inside that little crack in the barn door lay my sausages burning away in the heat of an unattended smoker. 
They were supposed to be 160 degrees when I pulled them an they were 180 when I finally got to them
Yeah they are now jerky sticks.  On a good note the summer sausage was perfect.

You don't even need cheese!!!
Woke up this morning to a freezing fog and it was gorgeous.  Everything had a lite coating of ice.

This is a pic of the treeline about 300 yards from the back porch.  It didn't turn out like it looked but I tried.

So today I unloaded the muzzle loader.  How? Pull the trigger.  Bang!!
Cleaned it and put it away until next year.  Then I cleaned the mud room / hunting room.
This is the area I have been throwing my clothes, guns and gear for the last four months.  Yeah it was pretty ugly.  Everything from rifle shells, grunt calls, to goose decoys.
Then I dug out the ice fishing gear!!  Boys will be boys.  Now the kitchen counter is laden with fishing poles and ice jigs awaiting my morning adventure. 
Until next time, Poof!!

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