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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who wants Sausage????????

Ok all my relatives who haven't recieved their Christmas present from me yet.......here ya go.
I started a 30 lb batch of snack sticks and summer sausage.  As well as a few pounds of jerky. (which may not leave the property)
First I ground up my venison (I emptied the freezer and pulled the plug) and the pork.  I purchased 13 pounds of "country ribs" and used those for my pork additive.
Some of the ribs had a nice center to them so I couldn't bear to strip em out so I saved them and stuck 'em in the freeze for a dinner.
They were on sale and I think I paid around a $1 a pound.  Yummy.  Makes a great fat additive for sausage.
Next I distributed the pork evenly into each 10 lb batch.  About 2.75 lbs per 7 of venison.
Next I added 1 lb of cheddar cheese to each batch.

Of course I had help.  You think these dogs would leave my side during a sausage making session?
Next I measure out my seasonings, cure and water and mixed in the blender.  Added that to each tub and mixed thoroughly by hand.   The next picture is a stick gooey mess that you end up with after mixing.  It's supposed to be that way.  I add a touch more water than required so it is easier to work with and runs through the stuffer better.  Then load into stuffer canister.

Slide on your casings.  I use edible collagen casings smoked to a mahogany color. 
Turn the crank and voila you have snack sticks.  I spray all surfaces of the stuffer and tubes with cooking spray so everything slides better.  Because I have a big smoker I run my casings in lengths of 8-10 ft.

With slight pressure on the nozzle I crank until the "stick" runs back and forth on the counter top about 4 times.  If I fill the nozzle with casing. (approx. 7 inches worth) it will run out about ten ft of sausage stick.
Don't leave on your counter top any longer than necessary because the casing will leave red marks and their a bi$%h  to get out.  This part takes a little time because you have to reload your casings and your canister.  My canister holds about 9 lbs. and will make about 30 ft of sticks.

I didn't photograph pictures of stuffing the summer sausage.  It's the same thing just on a bigger scale with a bigger stuffing tube.  I cut my casings to make 1 lb chubs for shipment to the relatives.  The larger ones will stay at home.
Once your done it's time for a cold one.  This is a Leinenkugels Creamy Dark and it is very good.

For my seasonings I use a mix that I purchase from Butcher Packer out of Detroit.  I recommend you visit their site.  They have an excellent selection of fresh and smoked sausage blends and really do cater to the DIY person.  They have very reasonable rates and ship fast. By the time I finished stuffing it was too late to fire up the smoker so I let it rest until today.  Bright and early (10am) I fired up the smoker bucket with some charcoal and laid out my racks and grates for the sausage.
The racks are double stacked as you'll see below.
I managed to pack in 30+ pounds of sausage and a couple pounds of jerky not pictured but are now where the two drip pans are setting.
That my friends brings you up to the minute on my adventures for the day and now I shall head to the barn to check temps and add a few more coals.  I suppose I may only send packages to my relatives and friends who comment and follow this blog site.  That would be a great way to get more followers and commenters.
I know of an Aunt and Uncle who live in Tennessee who haven't signed up as followers and or commented.
I have heard through a Floridian that they are avid readers!!!!!


  1. Looks awesome - you're a good relative to have.

  2. Holy Moly - this looks like a fun days work! I love big food adventures like these. (and I want some freshly made venison sausage like you wouldn't believe) It looks like you have a great setup.

  3. Vickie if you send me your address I will ship you a sample of my yummy summer sausage. You can either wait till summer to eat it or change it's name to winter sausage and enjoy. That's what I do!!!!
    Email me at bushmanjeffrey@yahoo.com


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