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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweat Pants and Cupcakes!!!

Good morning and welcome to the fabulous world of Jeff.  Fabulous as long as you enjoy licking windows and picking your nose in public.  Yes I am truly not built right.  I believe there is some connective tissue in my brain that's well...not connected.  I do know one thing though and if I offend any of you well....too bad. 
People please do not wear sweat pants in public.  Yes they are comfortable and in fact I am wearing them now.  I just got out of bed though.  Do not under any circumstance wear them to court.  You are mailed a summons as to when to appear at court many days in advance.  So the excuse of nothing to wear does not hold any salt with me.  What does salt have to do with anything I don't know I didn't make up the phrase but now I have to research it and find out. 
I took baby Joe Joe to court yesterday(he had a fender bender) and yes I made him leave his cell phone in the car.   It was an informal hearing and the officer recommended the charge be dropped to defective equipment so no points would be levied against poor baby Joe Joe.  It was very nice of the officer to do this and we thank him immensely.  We are stuck with the $115 fine but that is OK.  So we are sitting in the waiting area (waiting to be called. what else do you do in a waiting area?)  and in walks these two women and there two childrens.  Yes I spelled it that way on purpose so you can set up the vision in your head.
They walk directly pass the sign that states "No Cell Phone Use In This Area" on their cell phones of course.  Jabbering away about their baby's daddy.  Of course it draws my attention and I glance over and what do my wondering eyes should appear.  A lady wearing sweat pants with a cell phone in her ear!!  (That rhymes in case you didn't notice:)
I am not perfect by any means and I hate to judge but c'mon people that is how you get yourself a bad name.  Doing stuff like that and thinking you have every right to do whatever you want whenever you wish.  Why does it bother me so much?  Mostly because 10 to 1 our tax dollars are supporting them and their cell phones and their baby's daddy. 
System milkers is what I call them.  Believe me it doesn't matter what color, race or creed you are.  If you are a system milker then I don't like you and would love to knock you back into reality.  You can blame the politicians but when it comes right down to it.  You have the choice to make.  It's whether or not you have the cajones to make it!!
Of course baby Joe Joe is dressed to the hilt in Christmas attire.  A white turtle neck with a black vest and on that vest is a variety of Christmas themed patches and jingle bells to boot.
I asked him,"Is that what you are wearing to court?".  He of course says yes and because it's the holidays and secretly I thought it might win over the magistrate (it did) I conceded.
It actually looked kind of neat.  Not gonna work this summer though.
That's all I have on that.  I had to get it out.  We did have another Birthday in our household yesterday.  Gunner turned three so we had more ice cream and cupcakes.

I had to come back and edit this post because I just noticed Remmis tongue sticking out in the picture below.  That dog loves his treats!!
OK here is a comparison of when gunner was 3 months and 3 years

Here is Gunner with his favorite Grandpa.  When dad was here Gunner was always right next to him.  In bed or on the couch it didn't matter.

I Love my big brown dog.  Happy Birthday Gunner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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