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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Favorite Posts and French Villas

I went ahead and remodeled my blog page this morning.  It took forever.  My computer can be so slow sometimes and when changing the colors and backgrounds it feels like ages are passing by.  I removed the wine and cigar reviews.  I just don't do enough of them anymore.  I haven't had a glass of wine in who knows how long.  A cigarless fall and early winter as well.  My cigar stock disappeared with early goose season.  Nothing major just redirecting funds is all. 
I hope you enjoy the new gadget.  I went through my blog history and pulled a few posts that I thought best described me and my blog site.  Then there were a few that I just wanted in there. 
We will be planning a new adventure soon.  Hoping to purchase our first home within a couple months.  We love to look around at houses and yesterday we went for a ride and drove by a couple of them.  There was one in particular we kinda fell in love with.
It is a stone house with a stone garage and shop with it.  Sits on an acre and a half.
It reminds me of a quaint house in a sleepy French village.

I don't know if it will be available when we are ready to buy but who knows.  They will have to come down on the price as well.  It is listed at $129,00 and we would like to keep it around $110 so as not to strap ourselves with a large house payment.  We still have the rest of high school and college to pay for.  This is a very unique house and will not appeal to most buyers so there could be a deal on the horizon.  The garage has a shop connected to it that has heat in it so I can picture myself sitting in a big leather chair next to the wood stove with a thick book, a big cigar and a giant cup of coffee.  Ahhhhh!
Plus the big barn is nice.  Not sure for what but I can think of something.  I can see a small greenhouse out back somewhere as well.  Isn't it fun to have dreams and aspirations?

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