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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bunch A' Bitchin

Worked a little OT today.  6 hours not much but I'll take it.  You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow.  Could be laid off.  No wait tomorrow is Saturday so I'll have to wait till Monday to get laid off.  I'm just saying.  Shit happens and sometimes your the one that has to clean it up. 
Or you could be like the people I seen on TV during Katrina at the Superdome or whatever they call it down in Louisiana.  What an embarrassment to America to have that on TV.  I will never forget people screaming at the camera that no one was taking care of them.  In a world so bent on democracy all they want is socialism.  Doesn't make sense to me.  We spend our whole lives wanting, working and striving to be independent and free of governing and then when shit hits the fan we start screaming for the government to help us.  Well guess what?

I love my country but I don't expect anyone to bail me out.  It's Darwinism at it's finest.  Survival of the fittest.  Terrible thing to say I know.  But if you are deserving then you shall one of many that is accounted for.
There were many good people hurt during Katrina.  Our media chose to show us the crap that they did.  It's great for ratings.  Objectivity and racism and hatred and judgementalism are the best rated TV shows on and they are making millions.  Think about it.  When you sit down to watch TV, say survivor for example, don't you love to hate someone and make comments about another.  That is our entertainment.  Watching the demise of another be swallowed up by Jonah's whale (the viewer).  Brings a whole new understanding to public hangings now doesn't it? 

I'm sorry I love to rant and rave about things that I think I understand but I am still just a peon in this thing called life.  I am no Gandhi or JFK.  I simply want people to behave in a fashion that advances our industry(life) and abolishes negativity.  A bad attitude is what got the whole thing started in the first place. 

How in the hell I got started on this I'm not sure.  I did go look at a house today. It's a HUD home.  They want 70K for it but it needs a lot of work so I think I will offer 50.  I have 4 days left to put my bid in.  God help me on this commitment.  I should call my cousin on the DIY network.  She has a show called rehab addict.  It's all about rehabbing houses.  Maybe make a TV show out of it.  Whad'ya think? 
In the end I will do it all by myself just like always.  I'm too picky about things.  My wife says OCD.  I say picky.  I never heard of OCD when I was growing up.  Why do they gotta go and change everything.  Now you can take drugs so your not picky.  Trust me it doesn't work.  I've seen a lot of contractors on that drug.  They were not picky at all.  Now that I think of it maybe it wasn't that drug. Hmmmm.

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