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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Damn Winter Anyways!!

Not much today.  I had just typed a whole post and somehow deleted the damn thing.  Oh how mad I am.  Have you ever tried to re-type something and have it come out the same way as the first time.  I mean this blog has auto save but apparently there is a button or a magic combination of buttons somewhere on the keyboard in the location of your right hand below your pinky finger that nullifies and deletes it.
You're looking aren't you?
It killed the whole post and nothing was saved.  So you don't get to read the crap I had previously written.
I added a few more favorite posts over there on the right.  In case you're that bored.

The warm weather is gone.  Replaced by cold winds and snow showers.  I like snow but it has to be in a cup with cherry juice over it.  Damn winter anyways.  Jan. Feb. and March are the three worst swear words in Michigan.  The holidays are over and it's time to hibernate.  What do we do here all winter to stay sane?
Most just stay drunk all winter.  Isn't that ironic.  Changing your state of being so that you state of being doesn't change.  You figure it out.  It doesn't take much either.  Your sitting at the table and looking out the window and you see flurries and you say, " hey it's snowing again".  The only reply you here is the caps being twisted off beer bottles and corks flying out of wine bottles.  By the end of the night everyone is happy and saying," Yeahh it schnowing agin.  I juzt lub da snow it makz me soooooo happy."  So after the drunken snowman contest and the snow angel making episode ends we pick ourselves up out of the street and head back into the bar for another shot of whiskey.  No I'm just kidding it wasn't whiskey it was schnapps.
In all seriousness I don't do that.  Anymore.  I'm getting to old to be having sleep overs at the county jail. 

I suppose I will just have to hang out with my dogs instead this winter.  Maybe the wife and kids once in awhile.  So in honor of old man winter settling in I will post a few pics just to screw with your head.


  1. Cheery post, Dude! In Montana, it's been said that there are two seasons: winter and company. You have to get a winter hobby or you'll go crazy and do Lord only knows what. :)

  2. I always type mine up as a Word document with all it's nice editing features, then copy and paste. More than once I've screwed up the blog and had to go copy it again.

  3. Well, the weather might be crap, but that is a kickass photo on the river. Looks like a lot of fun.



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