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Monday, January 10, 2011

Waiting for dough

Exactly what you think it means of course.
I am waiting for the dough to
A. show up in my bank account, B. rise in the bowl or C. to ooze out of my ears. 
My wife would surely pick C.  There can not be anything up there that would resemble brains other than dough and by golly it just has to be dough because she can very well attest to it folks.  Brains are what normal people use to squeeze through life.  I use dough.  No really the answer is A and C.  I need the dough to finish rising in the bowl so I can make some Pasties for dinner (or as Cowgirl calls them Bierocks)  Just a simple meal.  Potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, onion, celery, burger and cabbage rolled up in a dough ball and smothered with gravy.  It's worth millions but only cost pennies.  How's that for a description?  The only bad part is my blue jeans are now white jeans.  I haven't figured out how to make dough without turning my clothes white from the countertop down.  Oh well!
And A is true because I need to somehow scrape up $1500 so I can buy a house.  I got everything else covered as far as down payments, closing costs and all that jive but I need some extra reserves in the account to make the squirrley little underwriter happy.  They say it's a buyers market but I'm not sure they're talking regular buyers.  Only rich buyers.  They left out an important identifier.  Or adjective if you will.
Of course I could just wait for the next one to come around but when you want something you just want it and sometimes nothing will change your mind.  Except money!  I wonder if the underwriter likes pasties or jerky or sauage or....probably not.  I cans see him now perched at his desk nibbling saltines and sipping warm tap water.  Wondering if he will find another penny in the parking lot as he walks to his extremely fuel efficient crossover hybrid of a vehicle. 
Well i should go the dough is almost risen.  I wonder if I should check the bank account.  Maybe pour a packet of yeat into the checkbook?  Who knows? 

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