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Saturday, May 14, 2011

More delayed posts!

Blogger is still down. It’s a sad state of affairs for me when blogger is down and I wonder what in the hell am I going to do now?

My morning routine has been altered. The stars are out of alignment now, the dogs are going to get fleas, I’ll start putting creamer in my coffee, my hair will finish turning grey and white by the end of the weekend and probably 4 flat tires on the boo!
Hah! What’s the worst that could happen? Eviction notice?
Yep I’m still chinning about that.

In response to a few comments I’ve received about the whole deal here are a few clarifications:
The landlord will not go month to month anymore because he has someone lined up to rent the house now and doesn’t want to take chances that another renter will be available when I finally do close on the house.

My take: For someone that has rented from him for over 5 yrs. now and never was late with rent. I took care of the house and property better than when he lived here. Fixed 99% of any problems that arose. Took care of his new house, landscaping, grass cutting, dog watching, livestock care, even fixed his kids cars and his truck. Grew a beautiful garden that his wife was allowed to pilfer whenever she wanted without any assistance through the growing season I might add. Remodeled his chicken coop complete with an automatic watering system and outdoor chicken yard, cleaned all the crap out of his barn and made it presentable. All at no charge because I thought we were friends. I even raised my own rent by a $100 because I thought it was fair. There is so much more it makes me sick. That is why I feel he owes me the time I need to move out. It’s not like I wasn’t going to pay him his rent.

Another question was about all the houses for sale and it seems like they would be throwing them at us.
My take: Around here there just isn’t a huge mass of homes in my price range and designated geographical location. Unless you want to live in town or you want to move into a craphole!

This is our third house we have signed papers for. The first one was a HUD home on 4 acres. It just had too many issues with it and this particular HUD home required a lot of money to get into. Plus it was a higher interest rate. I’m a little sad it didn’t pan out but with the problems that house had I’m not terribly upset. The second was a go but then we found out that FEMA had redrawn its flood maps and now this area was considered low risk flood zone. Well in order to get flood insurance the township has to sign up with FEMA and register for available flood insurance yada, yada, mumbo jumbo. The township was not registered so no flood insurance was available so of course there is no bank willing to finance without it. It will be a cash sale. The price has dropped from 100K to 60K already in just 4 months. The third and current home is a nice ranch on an acre in the country but the septic system needs replacing. In this county you can not transfer the title to a home without a pass from the well and septic inspector. So there is no way the bank can sell this home without the septic being replaced. It’s black and white. They are just dragging their feet because they are a bank and I believe it is BOA so that makes it worse.

Of course I could just drop this house and look for another but every time we try to buy a house it costs us $500 smackeroos. This is number three. I’m running out of smackeroos to just give to the appraisal people. Anyways by the time I found a house and actually closed on it the current deal would be done (I hope).

With the price of gas at an all time high we really need to stick to our game plan and have a centrally located home. The kids go to school in Grand Ledge which is about 15-18 miles away. The wife works in Okemos which is about 22 miles away and I work in Charlotte which is 0 miles away. The new house is almost smack dab in the middle of all three locations. Freeway access is within 4 minutes drive.

I could buy another house that is, according the bank, in my price range and be done with it but I do not want to be strapped to a mortgage payment. Bank says we qualify for up to around $225K.
This is hilarious because we wanted to buy at 120K or under. We wanted a low house payment, a moderately sized house and a bit of a yard. Joe will be heading to college in August; Kaitlin will be headed somewhere in 3 years. We don’t need a big house anymore.

The house we are buying now will have the same mortgage payment as our current rent. That includes taxes and insurance as well. Once the PMI disappears in a few years it’ll be cheaper than rent.

That will be all and thanks for tuning in. Maybe someday I will have something more interesting to post about. I sort of have tunnel vision right now.


  1. Buying a house is such a pain the crack, but ultimately worth it. My landlord was being a dick too when I bought my house 12 years ago. I lost some cash, but I got the house I wanted (which now has carpenter ants, I learned this week. I wouldn't mind the little critters so much except their hammering keeps me awake).

  2. i don't know why banks are suck dicks...

    they will sell your mortgage off in a year, to a bigger bank, which will then hold the bag when we all lose our jobs and they pump the great lakes to arizona an new mexico and turn michigan into nuclear waste dump.

    but it will not matter cuz the bank will be too big to fail, and the governmonster will bail it out again...

    but you prolly know how i feel about banks...

    dude it is your blog, i will be here to listen to your rants...and drink your beer!

  3. Hang in there, it's going to be worth it if you can get there from here. It's such a buyer's market right now, and real estate is one of those things that people must have so it will appreciate eventually. Sounds like you were a good tenant, pity he's not taking that into consideration. Party on, Garth! (and thanks for the award.) :)

  4. Al--hammering thats funny. Ortho house defense works great. Spray around the perimeter in and out.

    Bruce--Your my favorite booger. Thx for sticking around.

    Vickie--all he cares about is his money. I really shouldn't be surprised but then again I have a heart. Your welcome!


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