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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Stud in New Blue Jeans

Good morning fellow blog readers.  I have been looking forward to this day for a bit now.  The weather's been crappy (cold/rain) and today is supposed to be nice finally.  Momma's gonna be busy for most of the afternoon and this evening and the roommates are heading out on their Harleys for a day trip so its just me and the mutts, a cooler full of beer and some good old fashion yard work.  Hey what can I say I'm easy to please.  Beside if they didn't want me drinking beer and mowing the lawn then why in the hell did they put a cup holder on the darn mower?

I read a blog this morning by Pearl and it had a line about wearing new pants and it reminded me of the time I had just acquired some new pants.  I'll share if you promise not to.......never mind here it is.

I love new blue jeans.  I especially love to wear them without washing them first.  Weird yes but then again look who you're dealing with.  So one day I put on my new jeans and went out for a round of errands.  Momma was at work (obviously) and I was just running around town and having a good old time.  I had a fresh hair cut and a shave and I was feeling proud.  Now this was before  I gained all the weight and I was somewhat of a decent looking guy.  I'm not one of those guys who thinks all the girls are after him but I gotta say everywhere I went that day people were checking me out and I thought I was gonna have to get more new jeans if this was gonna happen.  I felt pretty good about myself and pushed my chest out a bit further and held my head just a little higher. 
When Momma got home I had to relay my day to her and as I was boasting and bragging about how everyone was checking me out she reaches down and pulls a 2 foot long size sticker off the back of the leg of my new jeans and says,"I bet they were honey, I bet they were".


  1. I think the reason they were checking you out is that the sticker said, "Actual Size. Inquire Within."
    I just hope no dudes were checking you out, though.

  2. You've got a cup holder on your lawnmower??

  3. *giggle. I was betting you had left the tags on

  4. See there, that's one of the differences between men and women.

    Most women, even when we purposely dress for attention, our first reaction is "Why is everybody looking at my butt? Did I sit in something I shouldn't have?" If we have no friends handy to ask, we would have to go to the restroom and check for ourselves before entertaining the idea that "hey, maybe they were checking me out".

    Of course, MOST of us would be sure to take the tags off before we went out too, you know, to avoid the Minnie Pearl jokes ;)


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