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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bonfires and Frog Ponds!

Good Morning to you!
In light of recent events I regret to tell you that I will be unable to continue any normal posting routine for quite some time.  Thought I was gonna quit blogging didn't ya?  Nope it's too addicting.  I will say however with the new house and all the things going on here I've been a bit busy.  My normal Thursday routine would be a few cold beers, a computer and a list of top ten.  Last night was indeed beer but I spent the whole evening outside working in the yard.  The beautiful children were just finishing up the mowing when I arrived home from work and I spent some time watching them work for a change. (Highly rewarding I must say)
Then I fired a few porterhouses on the grill with a saute of asparagus, pepper, onion and garlic.  Another beer and one more after that and I was off and pruning.  Yes pruning, no I didn't soak in the tub, wrong kind of pruning.  You see my house is bordered on the South side by about 100-150 acres of woods with a small river running through it.  On the West side (back) is a treeline or what we call a fence row, which consists of roughly 10-20 foot wide strip of trees and brush with a small alfalfa field behind that. 
Well the wood line and fence row were apparently a catch all for any thing the old owners and/or the guy who just flipped this house.  It is loaded with old firewood chunks, bushes that were ripped out of the landscape, numerous tree limbs, brick pavers, concrete chunks and the normal things that actually occur in a wooded setting.  This bothers me.  I don't care for clutter and you might say I'm a little OCD or just plain anal.  I think they are connected anyways.  So I started dragging branches and vines and what not out of the edge of the woods and along the treeline and set them alight.  I hauled and burned brush until midnight.  There is plenty more to do but I have to wait for the hair to regrow on my arms and legs before another fire is to occur.  It looks much better and there are certain areas inside the wood line that I will be turning into nice little shade gardens full of ferns and hostas and a little forest pond for the frogs to live in.  Pictures will be along soon.  The camera is still broke but I am getting a new phone today that should take some decent pics.  Stay tuned.  I will continue with my top ten and thirsty Thursday because it was always one of my favorites.  I'll be back later!


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of the new place.

  2. Like OT, I can't wait to see the pics.

    I relate to the intermittent blogging issues - life does need tending to - no ifs ands or buts!

    I've been doing my share of renos at my work studio and, well I've been enjoying it, it does suck the life out of any free time I have. So my blog has been feeling the pinch.

    By the way...thanks for making and taking the time to drop in and leaving one of your witty comments over at Pearson Report - much appreciated!

    Now...I'm going to tear myself away from my computer and head out to buy a sink!

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. life gets busy for all of us.\
    Do what you have to in the 3D world and when you get time, we will still be here.

    Having recently moved myself I know how much of a time suck it is. Just thankful the house is new enough not to need renovations


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