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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Monday Post? (and a bunch of fu)kin mosquitos)

Why not? 
Just because I normally don't doesn't mean I can't.  (re read that and count the lazy words)
I'm a big fan of apostrophes.  Huh, not sure I've ever spelled that before but there it is wait let me try it again.
APOS'TRO'PHE'.  There that's more fitting.  (another one)
So what do I post about today.
I did get some pics to go through the whole thing I been bitchin about.  Yeah, they're not the ones I wanted.
Fu)k me running!  I hate that stupid phone. 
I'd like to give a shout out to A Beer for the Shower who just received Blog of Note.  The greatest award given in this google land. (only)  Also Simple Dude who just turned one today on his blog and has like 5 million followers and 34 billion comments.  That is what happens when you get Blog of Note and you have a good blog.

Nothing much is happening here.  Bad case of cabin fever setting in.  I can't go outside because the mosquitoes are so bad.  I've never seen anything like it.  Within seconds of stepping out the door you are swarmed by hundreds of the little bastards.  I'm slapping myself in my sleep and scratching at shit that doesn't even itch.  It rained half the weekend again.  You can almost hear the little mosquito eggs popping open.  The bitch of it is we are stuck with them till first frost.  October?  2nd week?

Then at work I notice a posting for a blood drive.  Are you shitting me?  Another stab in the arm!  More blood loss?  Maybe the mosquitoes should give you a cookie when they draw blood.  I'd be soooo fat right now.  I think I'll pass on the Red Cross this month.  I probably have West Nile anyways.  North Nile and just a touch of the dreaded South Nile as well.  Malaria will be setting in soon and Dengue fever is right behind it.  (I don't know how you get Dengue fever but who cares)

I suppose I better go do something worthwhile.  Maybe I'll figure out a recipe on some way to cook mosquitoes.  Mosquito soup, mosquito hot dogs, mosquito pie, mosquito ribs, (go ahead and picture Bubba and Forest and I'll leave you there)


  1. Mosquito soup and pie? Now that's a new concept. Gotta be some use for those nasty varmints.

  2. they are ferocious this year...

    i used to not be bothered much by them when i smoked...

    a good cigar will help keep them a way as well...

    not that i need an excuse for a good cigar...

  3. Oh gosh, MOSQUITOES.

    I cannot believe the Nazis expended that much time and energy into rounding up the Jews when they should have been exterminating these freaking mozzies.

  4. Thanks for the shout, my friend! And I'm sorry to hear about all the little bloodsuckers. You could always do what I did and develop a citronella candle wax fetish. I haven't been skeetered in at least two years. It almost makes the two years without a single date worth it...


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