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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Salutations and Messed up Computers!

Good Morning and Sunday Salutations and all that jazz.  I had to take a few moments (hours) this morning to try and catch up on some of my favorite blogs and drop a few comments here and there.  I started yesterday but then it began to storm and the satellite Internet doesn't function properly when its storming.

So I was reading a post by Mynx about spiders and it reminded me of this joke:

Little girl looks up at her dad and asks,"What kind of spider is that?"  He replies, "That is a Daddy Long Legs."  She nods her head and points to a different spider and asks,"What kind of spider is that one?'
He replies yet again," That is another Daddy Long legs".  The one spider then crawls over to the other spider and begins to mount and the little girl's brow furrows a bit and she asks her father, "What are they doing?"
He responds,"They are mating honey to try and start a family".  She promptly smashes both spiders under her sneaker and calmly states," We don't need any of that gay shit around here!"

Yeah I know a bit lame but seriously why is there no Mommy Long Legs?
So I left this post in draft as I tried to desperately coax the pictures off my phone and into my email file.  I waited for 10 hours.  Nothing yet.  So I will just tell you what I did yesterday instead of showing.
I drank beer.  I re-engineered my duck boat.  I drank more beer.  In fact I drank enough beer that I awoke this morning wondering just who in the hell took a dump in my mouth in the middle of the night!  That, my friends, is just plain rude.  Whoever you were don't you think the headache was enough to remind me of my guilty pleasures of the day before.  Please leave my mouth alone from now on!
No really I enjoyed my time alone in the garage, sans mosquitoes, with my dogs and my boat and some cold beer.  I have more to finish on the boat but I ran out of materials.  I will have pictures.  Eventually.  As I said before here are some of my bath remodel.  I don't have all of them but here are some of the before pics.
This is the vanity I had to remove to cut a hole in the wall to access the shower plumbing.  Note the black stain under the vanity top.  Sure couldn't put that back in.
Here is the new valve all plumbed in

Here is a picture of the whole shebang that I can not get rotated the correct way.
And now because I'm pissed at this whole computer thing right now I shall walk away.  Walk away Jeff just walk away.


Oh wait I raided a picture of my wife's facebook and saved it.  The fat guy in the mirror is NOT me it's just a guy......I hired.   Whatev...



  1. Terrible joke but the bathroom looks like it is coming along nicely

  2. You looked a whole lot busier than I was this weekend. I, on the other hand, was introduced to the wonder that is Fosters beer (yeah, I know. I was a sailor and never had a Fosters. Weird). Apparently, Fosters is Australian for "hangover".


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