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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thirsty Thursday and My Top Ten

The smoke poured from the eaves like an avalanche from a mountain, rolling and twisting and enveloping everything in its path.  I wasn't sure what to do, stand there or go inside to find some way to speed this up or just gauge the progress.  I did nothing.  It could get worse but that would only make it better I thought to myself.  I stood there for some time just watching it.  I was sure that would definitely teach them not to mess with me anymore.  A smug look on my face I popped another cold beer and grinned as I slopped down the cold suds.  Nothing better than a cold beer after a weeks worth of work.

Tired of watching the smoke roll from under the gutters and growing impatient waiting on the results I decided to open the door.  Carefully I felt the door for heat and chuckled inside at my idiotic trip into the past when the movie Backdraft was all the rage and firefighting was the coolest thing to do after high school.
I opened the door and the smoke rolled inward and stung my eyes and plugged my nose and I laughed out loud.  If it didn't kill 'em outright then they would have died a slow suffocating death.  Just what they deserved.
I stepped inside the garage and walked over to the two citronella cisterns that lay burning merrily on the cold, stained, concrete floor.  Picking them up one by one I blew them out.  "Damn Mosquitoes", I said.  That should clear the garage out for awhile. 
So while the garage aired out I headed up here to blog for a spell.

I've been asked enough times if I'm back to blogging yet.  I guess some people actually like this garbage so only for you my dear readers (psychotic as you may be) I am back.  For now I can not guarantee anything because well I'm just too lazy for a commitment right now.  Besides I have always been a picture blogger and I still haven't got the whole thing straightened out yet.  I email a pic to the computer from my phone and it takes 3 days to get there.  Sprint is more like Sprunt if you ask me.  Our camera is still broke and out printer/docking station now resides at goodwill or some other sucker's house.  So no pics.  Sorry. (lazy)

Back to the task at hand my beer for today is the horribly boring, generic Miller Lite.  It's smooth and easy and besides I was out drinking (yes on a school night) last night because it was my burfday!  So today I'll just take it easy with some domestic. 

My top ten this week good or bad you decide:
#1  The weather has finally broke and we are averaging 80 for a high. (90 is not fat guy weather)
#2  After about 12 inches of rain in a two week period the grass is green again (now I have to cut it)
#3  After said 12 inches of rain our local mosquito population has increased  (about 3000 mosquitoes sq
#4  I have lost 13 lbs since moving into the new house (6 of those is blood loss from #3)
#5  Our Scottish house guest has departed ( cleats are boots and talk is banter and she was pretty cool)
#6  Have a local entrepreneur interested in some of my ideas in the food world ( he owns a sauce company)
#7  Welcome to my new follower Powdered Toast Man from just the Cheese  (funny..go read)
#8  I have three cords of firewood on order (I have two cord ready to cut in the back yard already)
#9  I get to go to Secretary of State tomorrow to renew my drivers license (and wait in line with all the freak)
#10 I think maybe the mosquitoes in the garage have "altered" their state of mind and now I can go have a
       cigar and properly enjoy this Thirsty Thursday

Thanks for reading and asking about me.  It kind of makes me feel good.  NOT!!!
(no really it does)
See ya !


  1. Happy Birthday to You! Hope it was a good one. I would love 80 degree temps here. It's HOTTT! But you'll be shoveling snow this winter and we'll be walking the beach with a sweatshirt! I'm mean I know...haha. Glad all is well.

  2. Welcome back, buddy! And Happy goddamn Birthday!!!!!!!! I'll go home and tip one (or 5) for you!


  3. Happy Birthday! Hope all is well with you guys in the new home. 13 pounds? I'm gonna have to tell your beautiful wife not to be buying you a speedo to wear while you are cutting the grass! Glad you're back!!

  4. beer me...

    and happy birhtday!

    this next crown and coke is for you!

  5. Happy Birthday, ya old drunk. ;)


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