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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Airbags, chainsaws and what else....beer!

Another log on the fire, cold classic amber beer.  Snowing outside, big fat flakes drift past the window catching the corner of my eye.  A small candle flickers next to the keyboard.  The vanilla scent is a nice combination with the rich amber of the beer.  The smell of 2 cycle exhaust, from my clothes, perfumes my nose as it dances romantically with the vanilla.  Sawdust escapes the hairs of my mustache to linger on the rim of the bottle before being engulfed by my semi chapped lips.  How sweet it is to be a woodcutter again.  Yeeeehawwww!
Damn it I was trying to escape my red neck ways and they just sneak right back up on you.  hell it started it out good.  Sorry I missed you on Thursday I was busy installing air bags in the suspension of my wood hauler truck.
I picked these up online at suspensionconnection.com for under a Benjamin.  They go inside the rear coil springs. Most trucks have rear leaf springs but this one has coil.  The ride is way better but the load capacity isn't worth a damn.  A load of wood and it rides on the axle stops.  I fixed it!  Yeeeeeehawwwwww.
 I gotta stop doin that!

Here is the kit:  (beer not included)
here it is installed:
each bag is connected to an airline that runs to a "tee' connector and then a central line that runs to the bumper.  I installed my inflation valve in the bumper next to the license plate.  When I want to haul something heavy I simply air it up with any normal air chuck.  When I'm finished just push in the valve an deflate the bags.

Today I loaded it with a full load and you can hardly tell.
Of course I couldn't have done that without first rebuilding the engine in my chainsaw that decided to die on me last weekend.  I replaced the cylinder, piston, oil seals, fuel lines, air filter and spark plug not to mention I had just bought a new bar and chain along with a drive sprocket.  Can you say brand new saw?
The only thing original is the plastic, carbuerator and the crankcase pan.

OK I'm done tooting my horn.
We got a little fresh snow last night so I used the sled to haul the wood out.  Darn good work out on the legs but it was only 18 degrees so I have been coughing from the cold air in the lungs.  Glad I don't smoke anymore.  It was 5 degrees when I woke up this morning and I didn't venture outside until it was at least 10 and I had a big stack of pancakes in my belly.  On my way home I did the grocery shopping.  Of course I had a truck full of wood, gas cans and oil so I piled the dogfood, water and soda high atop the stack of wood and the rest went into the back seat.  What a site!
My once favorite beer is back on the shelf again.  Leinenkugels 1888 Bock.  It only comes in a sampler pack now which bums me out.  I emailed the corporate office for Leinenkugels and asked them what was up.  My wife says I'm crazy but a guy has got to speak up when his favorite beer gets the boot.  They told me (yes I got a response) that patrons had requested that other beers be on the shelf for a longer duration of time so they had to boot the 1888 Bock to a variety pack.
Well guess what ?  I have now drank all three of the 1888s and now I have to kill the other 9 before I can have a refill.  3 Classic Ambers, 3 Red lagers and 3 Honey Weiss.  Ain't marketing a bitch.
Hey thanks for stopping by I know I haven't been around much but I'm not going anywhere.
I'm kinda getting that spring fever itch already.
See ya later masturbator!

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  1. like the air bags...neat idea...

    and hate the beer quandary...but you did get a response...



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