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Friday, March 30, 2012

Gearing up and the New Garden

The time is close, the time is near.
Lend me your eyes and not your ear.
Soon I will wow you with a crazy tale
of cute puppies and visits to jail.

Monsters with hives and
Scuba diving with knives.
Nails through feet
and smoking some meat.

Motorcycles and mopeds
signs that say slow peds.
Free puppies in the road
licking the toad

Barrels of toxic waste
Too much wine I did taste
Jack the Ripper
and the charter boat skipper.

The eighties, the ninteys
Green bottles of Heinie
Lawn and Snow
plus many other things you nay not know.

In case you didn't realize April 1st is a mere2 days away and is also the commencement of the A to Z challenge.  Call me a fool because I haven't blogged with any regularity (insert regularity joke here) in months. What do you mean you already call me a fool?  I see how you are.  Regardless.  My attempt will begin Sunday April 1st.  There will be a blog a day for every letter of the alphabet.  The 1st is the only Sunday that is included.  The rest of them are for Church.  (St. Mattress)  I have no set ideas but as you can tell by the above discombobulation of the English word that it may be something about me.

So be sure to check in every day to see what nonsense I come up with.  I can tell you that most posts will be presented in the evening.  This is purely a spontaneous challenge for me.  No pre posting or writing will be done.  Thanks in advance for checking your cruelty and malice at the door when commenting.  I only have one feeling left and I don't need you hurting it.  LOL

Oh hey did I tell you I got a jump on the gardening season?  Yep.  New garden has been born.
 Now all I have to do is build my planter boxes, fence the garden in, amend the soil, plant the corn and other seeded veggies, buy the remaining plants, put down weed mat, collect grass clippings, compost scraps, water, weed, fertilize and harvest.  Sounds simple don't it?
I have some time.  The average frost free date in my area is around May 15th.  The right side of the picture is the small vacant lot next to mine.  It is owned by AT&T.  They have a very small "phone shack" on it.  The lot is unused otherwise and probably will remain that way as long as there are phones.  Anyways I will be using all the firewood I collected over the winter as a "fence" on that side of the garden.  Maybe on the short sides too.  The front will be panels I built a few years back.  Helps keep the small critters out.  The garden will eventually have this look.
Time to get busy.  Gotta go pick up a lawn roller from Mr. Mike so I can smooth the lawn out.
See Ya Later.


  1. This is my first time doing the A to Z challenge and I haven't been blogging with any regularity so I'm hoping this challenge will develop that habit. I'm looking forward to reading some of your past posts and reading the posts to come. I'm glad I discovered your blog through the challenge. Looks interesting :)

  2. That A-Z challenge scares the shit out of me. If I did it I would only succeed in reminding myself that I am incapable of any kind of consistency in regards to my blog. I will of course enjoy seeing what you come up with. ~ Cheers!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. :) figured I'd return the favor.. Looks like an interesting Blog. will definitely be back to visit.:)


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