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Friday, March 30, 2012

Love my emails!

So I'm sitting here drinking beer and cruising the list on the A to Z blog challenge and my phone lets out a little jingle.  Glancing quickly I read the title-Whattup?  It's from fun girl.  Do I know fun girl?  No......not yet anyways.  I mean I know it's spam but curiosity killed the horny middle aged man cat right?  So I click and I get this:
All I have to do is send her an email.  She will then reply with "her best pictures".  Enticing?  uhhhh yep!
Well in a heated debate with my conscience and the left button on the mouse (he is in cahoots with my wife) I did not click.  However my imagination is running rampant right now.  I feel like I'm eighteen again.....for the third time.
Anyways I wonder what it is I clicked on or what I read to have something like this manifest itself on my screen. Soon to be screensaver.  I must say between this one and  THIS ONE I stand a pretty good chance of getting divorced hooking up.
Too bad I'm old and grey.  I can fix the grey ya know.
That's all I got for now just couldn't let it go to waste.  if you need the email....email me....and I will ema....nevermind!


  1. That is one wonderful picture! The bummer is....it's almost one in the morning and Mrs. Penwasser is out of town (she's in Washington to help our daughter shop for a prom dress).
    So, now, after seeing that picture, I have to ask, "Oh, GREAT! Now what am I going to do with THIS!?"

  2. I think you made the right decision! Hopefully, Mr. Penwasser isn't contacting her right now for A to Z research! Julie

  3. No, I didn't contact her. But, I got a little carried away and set myself on fire.


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