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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Post is Brought to you by the Letter Y

Sometimes things go by so fast.  It seems like only a month ago we started this challenge......oh wait never mind.  Two letters to go.  Don't forget to read my letter Z.  I'll let you in on the secret.  I tasked my father with coming up with an idea for this one.  He has given me his thoughts and now I must translate them into my own words and somehow tie it in to the letter Z.  As if this challenge wasn't hard enough at times.  I'll go out in a blaze of glory or with a wheelbarrow full of useless words and a flat tire.
I feel fortunate enough today to have the letter Y which isn't a hard letter at all.  I did yard work all day yesterday (there's two right there) and after yard work comes beer and BBQ so I'm a little slow this morning.  I'll catch up the blog on my gardening and yard work starting Tuesday.  On a quick note the grocery store had some boneless, skinless chicken thighs on sale and I decided to try them.  Never had them like that.  I simple seasoned them and threw em on the grill last night and slathered them with BBQ sauce.  Man they were good.  Along with that they had the seasons first sweet corn so I char-grilled the sweet corn till almost cooked with a few blackened kernels, cut it off the cob and then sauteed that with fresh red bell pepper, sweet onions and garlic in real butter and then did a cucumber, tomato, onion salad in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Joe and Jessica came over as well.  It was a nice night.  Back to business.

Did I ever tell you the story of my first flat tire?
It was 1992.  I had a Jeep Wrangler with oversize tires and I was also a pain in the ass kid.  My best friend at the time and I decided to go out cruising.  As usual cruising soon became boring.  We headed into a new subdivision on the outskirts of town.  In all I would say there was about 20 new houses in there.  Some finished but not sold and others in the process of construction.  Some had fresh new lawns and landscaping.  I had big tires.
The math is pretty simple here so I won't go into details but some sod may have been damaged.  It was late.  One more job and we were outta there.  As we rounded the bend on the street a house appeared.  The lights were on.  The ultimate score.  I jumped the curb and hammered down as I blew through the fresh sod.  One quick pass, only a foot or two from the road and just as fast as I had hopped on the lawn I was off again.  Except this time I heard a whooofff.

20 yards down the street the Jeep starts lumping.  Oh crap, a flat tire, I had cut it jumping off the curb.
I kept going until I was out of sight of the house and we stopped to survey the damage.  I went to the back of the Jeep to grab the spare tire and found out it had a special locking device on it.  I didn't have the key thing to get it off.  My father did.

This was before cell phones and out of all those houses in that new sub only one had their lights on.  Only one was even occupied.  That house had a phone.  Yep!  I walked straight to that house and knocked on the door.  A panicked man came to the door and he was sure I was out to rob him or steal his children and finally I convinced him to let me use his phone.  He wouldn't let me in but handed me a cordless and I stood on his front stoop calling my Dad to bring me the key thingy.  I thanked the man and he went back in shutting of his porch light in the process which luckily for me only illuminated just a few feet past his sidewalk.
I stepped off the sidewalk and headed towards the street nonchalantly stepping over foot deep tire tacks in HIS.....................


  1. Wow, this a-z challenge sure has enlightened me to what a WILD & CRAZY child I raised, but a great one:)

  2. That's a real nice picture, but I have to ask, "Where'd your wood go?"
    Oh...wait. That doesn't sound right.
    I remember my first flat tire.
    I think I ran over a station wagon full of nuns.
    It was accompanied by many Anglo-Saxon expressions of goodwill.
    And a girl who wasn't too impressed with my automotive skills.

  3. Laughing at what Al said ::snort:: I'm taking a last minute blog jog to meet some new friends from the A-Z challenge list. Following :)

  4. I love that the first comment here is from DAD. Another fabulous story.

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist


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