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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So you wanna be a bank robber eh?

Small town big city it doesn't seem to matter, hi folks this is Bushman reporting live from the palisades of cow pastures and corn fields.  Today's top story.  Man robs bank in small town.  Wait a minute I have some live updates.......ok, ok..... correction viewers, a minuscule town.  Yes that is right.  Monday at approxiamtley 9 am EST a man dressed in a disguise walked into the bank of cow patties and demanded at least 6 pesos but more if they had it.
The man exited the bank, swinging to and fro, and inserted himself into a dark 80's style Cutlass.  (A very popular vehicle, at least 2 other people in the county have one) and drove straight down a major thoroughfare headed towards the next town where he apparently worked.  The teller confirms the amount at 7 pesos and authorities are perplexed at why the bank had pesos but nevertheless vowed to track the thief down at all costs.  Which they did, 6 miles later.  We'll have more at 6 back to you Bushman. (Bushman's alter ego)

So I'm at work yesterday busting my butt

and my supervisor comes up to me and says, "hey did you hear about the bank robbery in suchandsuchville?"
I'm like," no why?"
"Well they said a guy robbed a bank and drove away in a dark Cutlass."
"No Shit", I say.
"Yeah well soandso called me up this morning and said he had some errands to run and he would punch out and be back in a few hours and he hasn't come back yet".
"And?'', I hit him with my best what the frick are you getting at, can't you tell by the above picture I have work to do?
"He drives a dark cutlass", he says.

That got my attention.  No way I'm thinking to myself.

Well that's my story.  Finish it if you want.  I know the outcome.  You can guess.


  1. Hilarious. I wanted to keep reading!

  2. Oh my gawd! That first pic is disturbing. You live in MI so why would someone want pesos up there? But I so badly want to know the outcome.

  3. lol to funny Jeffery.... So easy a Mexican cant do it lol..


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