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Monday, May 28, 2012

Please make an appointment!

"Damn it honey!  The coons are getting into everything", I hollered from the back deck.  Grease was splattered everywhere.  The flowers were strewn across the grease stained boards and bird seed littered every available inch of space after that.  "That's it, I'm done", I muttered with vengeance  upon my breath.  There will be no more co-existence on this property.  There is an entire woods for you to eat from you do not need my stuff.

Hi there, good to see you again.  I've been busy, busy, busy.  The above excerpt is from a non existent book that I could write entitled My Battles with Wildlife.
As you know, if you've been around this blog for any length of time, when I'm not at work making money to feed my family (coon, possums, chipmunks included) I'm at home working.  Not the stay at home kind of work some would think, more like the home project kind of work.  If I'm not at work, working, or at home, working then I'm usually at someone else's house working.  My middle initial is W for a reason you know.
So lets get down to business with a quick update before I get to work this fine Memorial Day.
Here is a current list of projects in the works and their respective updates:

1.  Garden.............planted and in the process of mulching in all the boxes with grass clippings.  Looks great

2. Firewood..........95% moved and re-stacked.  What a job that one was.  My stack is about 200 feet long

3. Retention wall.....finished the boulder wall on Friday.  Looks great only went with two tiers.

4. Wood line clearing.....the grass seed on the south line had finally germinated.  still need to clear the rest of
                                        the west line.  That project will last well into summer.

5.  Under deck retaining wall/bar/patio.......have made zero progress on this.  All the blocks are stacked and
                                                                  waiting.  Maybe next weekend.

6.  Planting beds........I sprayed the lawn with grass killer yesterday.  Will be excavating all the sod and top
                                 soil, plants and mulch, slowly working my way around the entire house.

7.  South garage sidewalk......I have the soil in place and have began retaining it with leftover boulders/rocks
                                             I may finish that one today.

8.  Gutters on garage......I installed the gutters on the back last fall.  I have the front side gutters standing in a
                                       corner of the garage.  Maybe do that today as well.

9.  Interior painting..........I still have to paint the rest of the kitchen and hallway.  Ugh!

10.  Relax.....................Why is this one on the bottom of the list?

Well that should keep you up to date for awhile.  I also put up a bird feeder line in the backyard too.  I took a length of rope and out on the back yard property line I tied it to two trees about 20 feet apart and I hang my bird feeders from it.  I have a double suet cake feeders, a two sock thistle feeder, a standard tube feeder and my newest addition is an orange feeder for the orioles.  I also have a hummingbird and another standard feeder on the back deck.  I put a bird bath under the line so they can have a bath as well.  Then the icing on the cake was I put up a hammock about 20 feet away from the line and now I can lay in the hammock in the shade and watch the birds.

I spent all day Saturday helping my brother in law clear a huge chunk of woods so he could have more lawn.  
We cut down about 40 trees and battled rain most of the day.  The woods was covered in poison ivy and poison oak and now I am too.

Oh you want to hear about the coons?  Well that may be an entire post of it's own.  I did catch one.  So the score on the coons is now Bushman 1 and the coons 5.  Yeah it's been a lopsided battle but I'm learning and  they better be careful.
My new grill just arrived today so I need to go to the store an pick it up today, go to the ready care clinic for a poison ivy shot, grocery shop, come home put the grill together............ugh!  Where is my hammock?

I'll see you all later, here are a few pics to send you off with.  I'll get more later!

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