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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Damn it's Hot

Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed as I stepped from the house.  The humidity outside caused me to gasp as I struggled for a breath.  The weight of the air pressed in on me, persperation beaded instantly.
A few rain drops bled from the sky.  I smiled at the thought of rain.  I revelled in the idea of green grass once again. 
I could hear the tomatoes in the garden chatting excitedly as they awaited their long overdue bath.  The ground was hard as iron and dust was the common denominator for everything.  The landscape was alien.  The drudgery of the heat, oppressive at it's best, mind boggling at it's worst.
It was 5 am.  Darkness still shrouded the land but the birds were begining to awaken.  Soon they would be flocking to the birdbath to quench their thirst and wash their little dusty feathers but for now the lightning gave only brief glimpses of the day to come. 
Just as quickly as it gave hope, it departed, leaving only the smell of rain in the air.  The tomatoes began to weep.

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day.  We laid around the house in the AC watching a program about the Revolutionary War all day.  It was nice.  I've spent the last 5 days working on the deck project.
The deck is complete for now.  I still need to rebuild the railing but that will be done when I build the pergola overtop of the new deck.  A later project, once the money begins to flow again, or drip is a better descriptor.

Replacing the posts turned out to be the hardest part of the project.  I had that finished by Saturday and then we started to dig out the dirt from under the deck for the patio while the concrete cured around the posts.
It was hot.  The ground was hard.  The propane line was buried under the deck.  I have no idea why they would have buried it under the deck but they did and I found it.  Unfortunatley with my pick ax!
As luck would have it I only pinched the copper line in half.  It was not leaking and there was enough gas flowing to run the water heater.  Emergency call to the propane company revealed it would be a $150 service call to repair the line.  If I could wait until Monday it would be better.  I waited.

He showed up on monday to repair the line.  We discussed moving the tank to a more suitable location and running all new line.  They agreed to pay for the first 50 feet of line but I would be responsible for the remainder and the service fee of $45.  The line is $2 per foot.  The distance is 150 feet.
Drip, Drip.
So by the time he left a good chunk of the day was gone and I couldn't work on the deck because he was under it.  I did manage to replace all of the header and side joist boards.  Levelling and straightening as I went.  Half off the deck boards were also installed and I stumbled my way back into the AC.
At one point the thermometer reard 101 degrees.  I was whooped!
Tuesday rolled around and we were having company over for dinner so I needed to finish the deck and mow the yard, not to mention prep dinner and all that goes with it.  I did it.  Just in time but I did it. 

So now I need to finish the excavation and build the retaining wall under the deck and eventually put the brick pavers in.  Drip, Drip.

The garden is looking great although some of the veggies are struggling in the heat.  The tomatoes are five feet tall, beans are being picked along with squash, zuchinni and cucumber. 

There is a burn ban righ now so no campfires allowed.  The yard is mostly brown.  My valiant attempts at watering just can't keep up with the heat and drought.
The computer died and we had to have it fixed.  Dust bunnies and overheating were the problem.  I'm using the daughter's laptop right now.  Once I get the computer back I will post some pics of everything.

For now this is all you get.  I'll be back later.

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  1. You got talking tomatoes? That's awesome!
    All I use is Miracle Grow. And my vegetables don't make a peep.
    Although those whispering pines next door keep me the frik up at night.


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