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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring ahead to the garden! Hurry!

Spring ahead fall behind.  Been listening to that nonsense for many years now. 
I love the spring ahead.  The whole waking up an hour early thing can be tough though.  Now I have to wake up at 3:30 am.
How many of you do that whole count the hour thing. 
You get home from work and your like well it's normally 3:30 but it really is 4:30 or is it 5:30?
I do this for everything. 
Then I try to rationalize with my dogs about why they are being fed at the wrong time.  They don't really care but I find I must explain it to them mostly because it helps me to figure it out. 

Why can't we just add 15 minutes a week for a month and call it good?

I finished my painting of the upstairs.  The 2 bedrooms and bathroom are still just plain white.  I do want to paint the bathroom but that will wait for now.  I need a new color for it and it's not in the budget.  The upstairs paint was purchased last year but these things take time.  I never rush into a project that takes a lot of concentration.  I have to want to do it to make it look good.  If I rush just to get it done it usually sucks!  All I had left to do was paint the trim and doors in the hallway anyhow.
Set the trim nails, caulk, tape and paint.  It looks good.  I would post pics but taking pics of the interior never works out well and you usually can't see the colors anyways.

After that I had to restock my interior wood supply.  I like to keep almost a weeks worth of wood inside.  I don't like bringing it in during the week. 

Then I popped a top and sat here.  Not much going on really.  Snow is melting and my yard is becoming a quagmire (giggity).
I think wood cutting season has almost ended.  A rough estimate of my remaining wood supply has me at about 10 full cord or 30 face cord.  (1 cord =3 face cord, 1 face cord is a stack 8 feet long and 4 feet high and 16 inches wide)

To think I will be planting the garden in a mere two months!  Can't wait.  Last year I planted early and had to cover the plants up to protect them from a late frost.  This year I have something new planned. 
I have been collecting oak boards from work.  They are roughly 3 feet long, 10 inches wide and 1 inch thick.  I will be making new planting boxes with these and filling them up with about 7 inches of topsoil, lay down weed fabric and then three inches of mulch.
Each bed will contain a water supply and a drip tube.  They will be connected to a main water supply and I hope to have that on a timer system.  The water drippers will deliver water only to the roots of the plants and there will be no loss due to evaporation and no overhead watering.  (bad for your plants)  It will also be buried under the ground and under the mulch so you will never see it!

Each planting bed will have hoops on it and a retractable cover for the hoops.  This will protect the seeedlings from the early season temperature dangers as well as harsh sun.
The coup de grace is everything will be weedless this year. (except for the corn)  I will be planting grass in between all the boxes.  I simply push mow in between them.  I have a new to me mower in the shed that has a nice mulching kit so it won't spray grass clippings everywhere.
There is a lot of work in prepping the garden but once it's done you just sit back and enjoy!

I want to build a trellis and a garden gate as well.  Plant it with morning glories and clematis.
Maybe this will be the year I build my garden gazeebo too.

That's all I have for now!

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  1. I don't mind the "add an hour," "subtract an hour" thing so much. It's not so bad really. It was much worse when I was on a ship crossing the ocean as we went to the Mediterranean. As we went west one afternoon, we pushed the clock ahead four hours in one afternoon. Just as I got back from lunch, it was time for supper.


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