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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C is for Poetry

We are off and running now aren't we?
All of crazy morons searching for topics that correspond with letters and days. 
I mean seriously, I write bad enough as it is and now I'm forcing myself to write.

I sincerely apologize.

I think I'm screwed on this one. 

I didn't plant any cauliflower or carrots
If I did I would certainly share it!

Cabbage and corn
They shall adorn

Chilies and Coriander
Just a tiny pinch
Will raise your dander

Celery and chard
it's not that hard

Cucumbers a plenty
Must be ten or twenty

You see in a garden of eatin'
You won't be needin'
anything more than you got

Hickory, Chicory, Dock!

And (first word is for you Pearson) for an update on the greenhouse seeds.  Today on my arrival home I have many new sprouts.  Tomatoes and cucumbers have joined the party.

Cheers to all, Beers to all,


  1. "Hickory, Chicory, Dock!" Oh my gosh I died laughing! This is good! So many veggies! I'm excited for you.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. Poetry and gardening? Never thought they could go together but leave it to you to pull one off. Are we having fun yet???

  3. mmm love cucumber , corn and celery. I love fermented cabbage.

  4. Celery and chard
    It's not that hard
    I'm confused.
    Is this about vegetables or porn?

  5. I'm loving the titles...they totally rock!
    Thanks for the "cauliflower" - one of my favs - both steamed and raw. Carrots! I adore carrots and so does Lucky...they are a special treat that she goes crazy for.

    This poem, and the whole way you are doing your posts, is awesome!

    I was going to post about you for my B post (Bushman's Bounty) but I've done something Definitely Different...come see!



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