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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hollerpeenyos

Have you ever had a pepper so hot it made your ears snort?

Hey it's possible. 

Like the one time I was double dared to blow smoke out my ears.

It was after I had taken scuba lessons and learned how to equalize the pressure in you ears under water.  In essence you are blowing air out your ears.  Well at least I thought so.  You are actually forcing air into the middle ear which equalizes the pressure on the outside.

I was like 15 so in my mind I was blowing air out of my ears.

My friend and I had also thought it was extremely cool to smoke cigarettes. 
One day I wondered out loud (I should have kept it to myself),"Huh, wonder if I can blow smoke out my ears?"
"I dare you to", my friend says.
"No way", I reply.
"Double dare", he says and it was all over.

Giant inhale on the Kool Mild, plug my nose and next thing you know I'm writhing on the ground in pain for the next 5 minutes.  I gave up smoking.....Kool milds forever!  Eventually 18 years later  would quit all of them!

That is how hot some peppers can be.

One of my favorite peppers is the jalapeno.
Or as some say in this neck of the woods...hollerpeenyo

I like jalapenos in many ways but my favorite is to let them turn red and smoke them for 10 hours or so.
Now I know jalapenos is spelled with a j and I should have saved this for Thursday but it's my blog and I can do what I want.

These are some red and green jalapenos that I was smoking last year.  The orange are habenero and  the reds on top are cherry hots.

Say Kool!


  1. I love chipotles. My daughter and I love jalapenos stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. We grow the big ones just for stuffing. Last year because of the drought, they got pretty hot. My favorite hot pepper to grow is the Serrano.

  2. Damn rights it's your blog - and I'm loving the way you're doin' it this year - free and easy.
    I remember these peppers - I also remember the drying process post too.

    Do you have any left from that last batch or did you holler you way through them this winter?

    I like hot and spicy - huge fan of Thai dishes. But, I wouldn't have a clue where to start with peppers - hmm... there's a "P" post for you... P is for educating Pearson! Just sayin'


  3. I love peppers. My wife just bought a jalapeño plant for me and we added it to our garden! Can't wait.


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