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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

V is for man's best friend

Once upon a time there was a dog made of chocolate.
His ears were perky and his eyes were bright,
He would only sleep with me at night

He loved to nap,
upon my shoes

Sometimes even under me,
when I snoozed.

It wasn't very long at all,
he needed a friend at his beckon call.
So away we went on a shopping spree,
and came home with little Remmi.

Fast friends they became,
they were one and the same
Just a different shade of love
Sleeping on the deck or
playing in the snow,
wherever I went,
They did go!

First baths,

To first goose.
Just think if I taught him,
to hunt giant moose

He was waiting the day I brought the new truck home.

Behaving in the goose blind for only a Milkbone!
Building a fire,
and stacking some rocks.
One has the key to my heart
and the other the lock!

We play in the sprinkler,
it's all in good fun.

Sometimes we help,
when work needs to be done.


Exhausted from playing
we retire for the night.
We'll wake Daddy with whines,
before first light.

You just can't beat
Furry heads and four feet.

These are my VERY best friends!   

Woof Woof!


  1. Awww! I think this is my favorite post. I love them already. They are so cute even all grown up - cause, you know, puppies are so darn cute. A mans best friend for sure.
    Give them puppy kisses for me. Awww they are just so damn adorable!!!

  2. Aww. Man's VERY best friend! Happy V day!

  3. Echoing the Awww's all around. Beautiful photos and touching words... bound together by love.

    Can they be woman's best friend - you beat. Me an my precious Lu are as you are with your two. (oohhh, a bit of rhyming in there, just for you)

    Outstanding post - heartwarming; and the reason why I think you are one of the great finds out here in Bloggerville.


  4. Awwwwwwww....it makes me want to get a little doggy friend for MY little doggy friend.


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