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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hey! Who ate all the cookies?

First off a huge thank you to whoever left the brand new unopened bag of chocolate and vanilla sandwich cream cookies at my house last night!  They were a huge hit with my coffee this morning.  I love dunking them in  he strong, hot coffee.  With no one awake in the household I am afforded the luxury of gobbling them up, dunk after dunk without the nuisance of someone telling me, " save some for someone else".
When they all wake up no one will know that half of the cookies were not consumed last night....errrr well those who don't read this will be none the wiser!  Tah Dah!

We had a good time at the annual UK soccer coach appreciation bon fire night!  Guests began arriving at 8pm and I had the fire already going and the food was out on the table.  I had the finest in cuisine prepared for my guests.  The ever popular 'Hot Dog' and it's companion, 'The Bun'.  I also made a big bowl of macaroni salad.  Guess where the eggs for the salad came from?
The store of course because my birds are not laying yet.  Either they are roosters or are just holding out for brighter days!  They should be starting any day now.

Guests brought an assortment of goodies.  Obviously cookies!  There were brownies (not magical ), fruit platter, chips, pasta salad, probably a few other things that I did not see as I was busy with the deep fryer.  I used my turkey fryer with the fish basket to make two big batches of french fries.  Everybody loves fresh french fries.  Of course there was a beer in almost everyone's' hand which was good because yesterday was international beer day. (in case you didn't know)

It was over almost as fast as it began.  Some of the UK coaches wanted to go to the bars and once they left with two of the host parents the party fizzled right out.  Oh well!
I cleaned everything up last night so I didn't have to do it this morning. (it's like I knew I would be a couch cookie)  I was in bed by midnight!

2 nights in a row for me.  On Thursday night we had a wing night by the campfire as well.  My two children and I had a fun evening.  Using the same fryer set up as mentioned above we fried up chicken wings, hearts and gizzards and french fries.  I had a honey BBQ sauce as well as a buffalo sauce for the wings.

I take that back.  All four of my children!

I also used my new pressure canner yesterday.  It works great and it keeps all the humidity out of the house because there isn't a giant pot of water boiling for hours on end.  I made a batch of pickles and had the house smelling like dill all day.  It didn't bother me.  I like the smell of dill.

I also noticed that I have a ripe tomato in the garden.  Consider that guy eaten!  My sweet corn turned out really good this year.  I've been looking for new ways to cook it.  I will be canning or freezing a bunch of it but I really like eating it fresh so I'll try eating as much as possible while it's in season.  I found a few good recipes to try like:

Bacon corn

Corn and tomato salad

Spanish corn

I also have a pumpkin as big as a beach ball and quite a few watermelons!

I have finished the excavation of the new North flower bed and will get some pics today.  I need to add some topsoil, plants and mulch.  I will wait on the plants until fall so I can get them on sale and fall is a great time to plant anyways.

Enough for now I have something that needs my immediate attention......

Happy Cookies,

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  1. LOL! You and Ornery would get along just fine. He is the original cookie monster! Loved your post--so full of life and smiles. Happy weekend, friend!


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