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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Year has commenced

What does that mean to me you ask?  Not much.  Another day.  I didn't stay up to wish it in.  It won't be offended by my lack of participation.  In fact I was in bed by 9:30.  It's not that I don't like a good party but I'm just not a new year type of guy.  Nothing against it, just not my digs.

I have been off work since Dec. 20th.  Our three week "Holiday" shut down at work.  Normally we just get 2 weeks but management has decided to lay us off for the extra week. "letting the supply chain catch up"

The big ice storm was very testing.  Running your household off of gasoline makes things a bit edgy. Especially when you have to pull an extra $200 out of your already depleted bank account to pay for all of that gas.  (not a good time of year for extra $ but I am extremely thankful for having the generator)

Not to mention the ice storm landed on the night of our annual Christmas Party (21st), couple that with trying to host Family Christmas dinner on the 25th (still on the generator).  Things get a bit stressful.  Then I was supposed to return to work for one day (23rd) to finish up some things and the ice storm killed that too because there was no power at work.  So there went that days pay!  That day was rescheduled for Monday the 30th but lo and behold there was a bomb threat in the building down the street so before we even began working the police showed up and escorted us off the property.  They closed down the whole block!
Luckily we went back on the 31st and finished up our stuff.  Which meant that I was awake and getting ready for work at 4:30 AM yesterday.

Add in all the firewood cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking that I've been doing.....I'm just too effin tired to try and stay up till midnight!   (See, it was going somewhere!)

Jenny over at Pearson Report had a few questions on what New Years meant for us and so I decided to answer them.  So glad to see you back in the blogosphere Jenny.  I've missed ya!
Here are her questions:

Did you accomplish what you had set out to do in 2013? 
I think I did.  Even though my goals were set as I thought them up.  My garden was the first big thing I attempted.  That met with great success!  The house painting went well too.  I also was able to get the new wood stove installed along with the new chimney.  This was something that we had wanted since we moved into this house a couple years ago.  Financially?  Well our goal was to hang on and not sink ourselves into debt.  We had marginal success on that one.  The good news is we are stable and whittling away those pesky debts and 2014, barring any fiascos will see us in the black again!

Are you happy with your journey so far?
Yes!  It was a really good year all in all.  I have a really good life and am thankful that I am able to live as I do.  We work hard for what we have which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Will 2014 be “the year”? What does that even mean to you?
2014 will be a year of firsts I hope.  Our youngest has already committed to college and in the late summer we will become empty nesters as she goes off to find her place in the world!  We will be hosting her graduation open house here and although it will be a lot of work I am looking forward to showing off all of the effort that we have put into the house.  This little one acre has become my pride and joy as well as my hobby!

Did you make any resolutions? Have you made the same ones before?
I did not make any resolutions.  I don't think that waiting until the start of a new year is a good idea for resolutions.  Becoming a better person, a healthy person should be an ongoing effort.  I know I need to lose a few pounds, drink fewer beers and smoke fewer cigars and that is happening slowly but surely.  I have tried making resolutions in the past.  None have ever stuck!

Why is the first of January different than the first of any other month? Or is it?
The only thing Jan 1st means to me is that I can start anticipating my tax return and hopefully get enough $ back to buy my wife the new living room furniture she so desperately wants deserves! 

And… last but not least…
If you could change one thing about “you” what would it be?
That is an easy one.  I wouldn't change a thing because then I would be someone else!
I like being myself because everyone else is already taken!

Thanks for the blog topic Jenny!  
I was supposed to cut some more wood today but it is 11 degrees outside and snowing.
I may just hang tight today.  Going to be 5 below tonight!  

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Great answers - I'm laughing about the fewer beers and stoggies - I think, given how hard you work, around your property those are well deserved treats!! I'll look the other way when you reach for thirds… hahahaha!

    As I said, over at my blog, your last answer rocks - I think a whole host of folks would fair better if they stopped trying to be something/someone they are not. Good on you for liking who and what you are. Makes getting up and getting going a whole lot easier, eh!!

    I'll be featuring these shortly - I'm in the process of answering them myself and will put a link in to yours.

    Thanks for giving them a go. Cheers, Jenny

  2. Hi Stranger. I am back blogging and happy to see Jenny back which led me back to you....lol. it sounds as if you've had a great year in 2013. I'm so happy to hear that. I've moved to Daytona Beach so I get cold now if it's below 70..lol. Adding you back to my blogroll.

    1. Hey Barb - so good to see you here at Bushman's joint - he rocks! I love his stories of his yearly trek to deer camp - if you get a chance go check them out - makes me want to do a little hunting of my own. (poor single guys in the city - crazy chick on the loose!) hahahaha


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