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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friendly Chickens and Flowers

Hello and how do you do?
Just a quick drop to tell you I am fine. (you wouldn't think otherwise would you?)
A busy weekend it was and is.  It is still not over with as I will be leaving the house shortly for the family birthday party of mt step daughter.  The beautiful and talented Miss Kaitlin!  They are off on an adventure tonight after we eat dinner and have cake and ice cream.  She will be headed to the casino with her Mother, Step Mother, brother, boyfriend Jake and boyfriend's mom.  (Tootie who is not from State Farm)
At midnight my daughter will be corrupted into giving the sly indian tribal nation of the Great State of Michigan her birthday money.  Not only will she be 18 and legal to gamble but she will also be able to legally buy a pack of cigarettes of which she will not need to do as the gratuitous casino offers free second hand smoke to all who get within 20 feet of the front door   Once her eyes are sufficiently burned and stained yellow with nicotine they will head back into town where Monday morning will greet them with a personal massage.  After the massage it will be a trip to a fancy fish market restaurant I forget the name of.
Of this I am jealous because I have a love affair with any seafood that has sacrificed its life to attain its final destiny of ending up in my ravenous stomach.
I have to work. :(
I hope she has a good time (except at the casino that way she never wants to go back) and I wish her a great birthday.

Yesterday I spent the day with my wife and surprisingly both of us are still alive and contain the same amount of blood we did the day before.  It was nice spending time with her and even though she had to endure my walk about at the landscape yard and I sat through her browsings of the thrift store we managed to have a nice day.  Upon our return to our acre we planted flowers and put fresh mulch in the planting beds.  A frosty beer alongside a crackling fire finished out the night and we roasted viennas over the fire and gobbled them up on fire toasted buns with just a dab of mustard.  Heaven you ask?  Almost!

Today we visited a graduation open house, went grocery shopping and when I returned I whipped up a batch of venison snack stix and tossed them in the smoker in anticipation of my Father's arrival this coming weekend.  All this after I ripped out a 4800 word short story this morning.  I just finished editing it and sent it out for critique.  I need to go check on the stix in the smoker shortly.

Here are a few pics of the beds.

Here is me with Boo on my shoulder.  Such a friendly chicken!

Garden is doing great and I will update with some pics soon.
Gotta run, have a great evening!


  1. Didn't you have time to fit in a quick marathon. :) :)
    I'm pooped just reading about your adventures around town, with your lovely Angel, smoking venison, shopping in triplicate, planting… have I forgotten anything… oh yeah… whipping off a novel. Damn, man… you're good! :P :P

  2. Venison snack stix, some written words, and some gardening? Sounds like paradise to me!


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