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Friday, June 27, 2014

June...it's a marathon.

Well here it is, the end of June.
Summer has officially started.  I am officially ready for fall. 
Yep, I don't much care for the heat of Summer.  I like to be cool, not just in nature but temperature wise too! 
Probably because I'm fat.
I don't mind being fat so long as it's cool outside.
"Get to the point Bushman,"  the voice inside my head barks.

"Fine, fine," I answer aloud.  This causes the chocolate colored dog laying on the floor next to the couch to glance up.  He knows there is no one else awake in the house so I must be talking to him. 
He eyeballs me for a minute, then flops his head back down on the soft carpet.  Within 30 seconds his tongue pokes out of his mouth and he begins to snore softly.

Point being is we are headed off on another adventure this weekend.  heading to the west side of the state to the great lake of Michigan, AKA, Lake Michigan. 
We have booked into a campground for three days and our main objective is a soccer tournament.  Not an ordinary soccer tournament where you stand around for hours watching someone try to score.  (Heck if I wanted to do that I would take my old friend to the bar). 
This one is a soccer in the sand tournament.  The fields are on the beach, they are much shorter and the goals are smaller as well.  Each game lasts around 30 minutes.
Kait and Joe are playing on the same team and Kate is also playing on an all girls team.

"So the point is.....?"  I smack myself upside the head to shut him up.

We will be camping in the pop up camper (mostly used for deer camp at an average of 25-30 degrees) and the temperatures will be hovering around 85 degrees.  Now for some of you that may be just perfect.  For guys like me?  UGH!

Good thing the campground has a pool!.  I just hope our spot is shady!
Actually I'm looking forward to it.  I don't get to spend much time with the kids or my wife lately so here's hoping it turns out nice.

Looking back at my blog I must apologize for my lack of blogging commitment this month.  I have been busy elsewhere.  My time (writing time) is almost exclusively reserved for mornings.
I awake each day at 4:20 AM to go to work.  When I get home (after a 10 hour shift) I am pretty much spent.  Any creativity that I had, has been washed away by the stress of work.  When it is hot it just adds to the oppression. 

June has been incredibly busy.  If I wasn't working overtime than I was preparing for Kait's open house, travelling up north to see my folks and attend Grandma Jan's memorial service or getting ready for a soccer/camping weekend. 

Now I did get a few hours here and there but I spent those precious minutes writing other things.  I have finished a few short stories and have also started another new novel.  I am 50 pages into that as of right now and hope to continue soon.  I don't like leaving characters out in the sun to wilt anymore than I like being there myself.

Next weekend is our Independence day weekend and I don't have anything planned.  I do have to catch up on some yard work but that will be during the day.  I will have three glorious mornings to myself.

The garden is doing well in spite of the continued rainy weather and a few cool days.
On a sad note our female duck LuLu has disappeared.  I can only imagine the poor girls plight as she could not fly being a farm duck and not a wild one.  She was a nice duck and she will be missed.  I will also miss her eggs.  She was an egg laying machine.

I leave you with this picture.  It seems as though my yellow dog has a liking for Grisham novels.

Take care,


  1. Hey you, looks like your blog got a summer makeover - love the border green - it's a favourite shade of mine.
    Seems like you've been knee deep in it all - family functions, camping, writing… wow, do you fit sleeping in there somewhere - oh, yeah, I forgot, you've got that hammock in the garden.

    As to the picture - I'm having to use my imagination - as the photo is not loading! Boo Hoo!
    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Sorry JP! I fixed it. I was working off my other laptop and it was acting goofy.


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