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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Chance of a White Christmas

It's Christmas Eve morning.  Outside the temperature is 40 degrees.  It is raining.  There is zero chance of a white Christmas.  It's quite the bummer.

Oh well,  it saves on firewood I suppose.

Yesterday was the official start of my holiday break.  I am off work until January 5th.
Wouldn't you know it, I am coming down with a sinus infection.

Oh well,  it saves on beer I suppose.

My wife's birthday was Monday the 22nd.  We went to dinner and a movie.  The extreme theater.  The seats are cushy recliners.  So nice.
We had our annual Christmas party on Saturday the 20th at our house for all our friends (the ones who showed anyways)
I gave her a birthday present on that night.  You see, about 5 years ago she lost her engagement ring.  She has wanted a new one ever since.  The timing was finally right and by timing I mean, I finally had horded enough cash, without her knowing, that I was able to get her a replacement.

Today will be our family Christmas.  Of course everyone is still sleeping but in a few hours they will awaken and we will open up gifts.  I have a ham that I will start cooking here in a few hours and I will box it up and take it to the in-laws for Christmas dinner.

After that Momma and I will come home while the kids go to their dad and step mom's for their second Christmas on the 25th.

Not sure what we will do on the 25th.  Sure wish we had a cabin!  LOL

I have already purchased a bunch of ingredients for making summer sausage and snack sticks out of the venison we brought home from deer camp.  I plan on making that before the week is out.  I will get it wrapped and headed south to my deer hunting companions in the sunshine state of Florida.

After that I have zero plans for my break.  I am hoping to cut some firewood but who knows.  The weather looks as if it will turn cold and freeze up by week end.  We can only hope.  Getting out in the woods right now would be a challenge with all the rain we've had.  It would be a mud fest.

I think I may get my writing studio up and going.  I've been saying that for awhile now but maybe this time I will.  I need something to do anyways.

I was browsing through some of my old blogs this morning.  It's hard to believe that I started blogging over 5 years ago.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1914 days.  With 518 blog posts that is equivalent to a post every 3.5 days.  
Doesn't seem like it.  Of course a few A to Z challenges really help the average out.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year!



  1. Merry Christmas, Bushman. Please tell Angel that her ring is beautiful and I'm happy she finally has a replacement.

    The photo at the top of this post is stunning - we too are having a no snow Christmas. It's clear today so that's good as Mom and I are heading to Miss CP's for Christmas Eve (my other tradition - we Austrians celebrate the Eve - you all can celebrate the Adam - hahaha) and not having rain, or snow, to contend with is good as Mom's not so stable on her feet after her stroke.

    I am looking forward to reading about (and seeing pics of) your writing studio. Will you give it a name (oh do, oh do), naming rooms is so, like, you know, regal. You might call it the "Wing of Wisdom" hahaha. My Lost and Found is not getting as much use as I'm home more - but I use the back room (formerly Miss CP's bedroom) as my office/writing space. Not a fan of it, once my epic renos are done I'll have a space (not a room) in the front of my house - more of an alcove, but it overlooks the mountains and is quite bright and cheery.

    Oops, look here - a novella. I figure with all your time off you need something to read! :) :P

    Again, the very Best of the Season to you and Angel.
    Cheers, Jenny

    1. Upon reading this, after publishing, (god forbid I actually proof it before) I realize I could have extended my wishes for "the very Best of the Season" to you, Angel, AND your extended family. (silly me)

      Merry, Merry!

    2. Oh… I've yet again "borrowed" your photo. It's just you've got the best pictures and when I saw the first one I went right into Write Brain Challenge mode.

      I hope you don't mind - but, if you do… I'm holding out my knuckles for a good rapping.


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