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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for eggs.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter F and the category of DIY/Informational

As far as do it yourself things I am addicted to them.

It's either that or I'm too cheap or stubborn or perhaps I like a good adventure.

My current DIY project is........................................

Feathered Flocky Friends

I have had a few chickens in my days and I love having fresh big brown eggs laid by HAPPY chickens.

My chickens run around the yard, free ranging.  Eating bugs and worms and lots of grass.  Chickens love grass.

Chickens are easy to take care of.  They need shelter in the form of a coop.  Something as simple as an old dog house will work.

They like to roost at night while sleeping so they need a perch of some sort.  A good sized stick from the woods works best.

They need plenty of good water.  I use a three gallon waterer so I only have to fill it every couple of days.

Last but not least they need food.  A good layers mash from your local co-op is pretty cheap.

My chickens have a good size coop which I built inside of my garden shed.  It is about 4' wide and 8 foot long.  It has a three hole nest box, a perch, food, and water.  I also have a light inside of it on a timer.  Chickens need a certain amount of light every day for good egg production and in the winter they just don't get enough sunlight so I provide it for them.

Attached to my shed is a fenced in area called a run.  It is nothing more than chain link dog kennel panels that I attach to each other using zip ties.  I also place some on top for a roof.  This keeps the climbing critters like raccoons out.

The coop is accessed via a cut out in the wall of the shed inside the run  Covering this cut out is a door which is hinged at the top.  Above the door, I have a small pulley.  I run a string through the pulley and attach it to the door.  The other end has a hook and is clipped to the chain link fence.  When I want to let the chickens out into the run I just pull the string and the door opens.  I don't have to go inside.  I also have a 2x4 that slides in front of the door like a deadbolt to keep it secure.

I let them out in the run before I go to work and when I get home I let them out into the yard.  On the weekends, they get free range of the entire yard and surrounding woods.
They love digging through the leaf litter looking for worms.

If anyone has any specific questions feel free to email me or ask in a comment and I'll get back to you.

Cluck, Cluck,


  1. We don't live anywhere where we could have chicken, but one place where we lived (though the thought of chickens was never on our minds) we would hear a rooster crow in the early morning hours. Mind you, this was in a residential area in a city. I guess it was legal to have them :) Good luck with your chickens :)


  2. Nice to be self sufficient for some things! Sounds like your chickens have got quite a sweet deal, better than many anyway.

  3. I live in the city, and our city won't allow chickens or their coops in the suburbs. I'm not sure about the more rural parts. But I see a number of my friends pinning chicken coops on Pinterest, so I wonder if the city is on the verge of changing its rules.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

  4. I had a chicken once. But, I was a young sailor and it was in Tijuana. I better not run for public office because I just KNOW the media will bring it up.

    1. You HAD a chicken or you CHOKED a chicken? There is a difference Al.

  5. We buy eggs from a farmer. My husband is currently converting our daughter's old playhouse into a chicken coop. It is pretty much done except for a fenced in area, but we plan to let them roam some too.

    1. Maybe your chickens, and Bushman's chickens can have a play date… in that playhouse. I'll bring Lucky, and Al… you can bring your tarnished public image. Should be quite the party! Hey, Bushman, fire up the Barbie…

    2. Jenny, at first I was going to ask about my public image, but I guess you mean Al. :)

    3. My chickens always come running when I go outside. They know I usually have treats.

  6. WOW - you really are the original Bushman, well, after your dad, and his dad, and… well, okay, you're definitely a true DIY guy.

    I will only buy free range chickens. I think anything is better when we let it run free - chickens, beef, pork - all tastes better when it's can move, run, eat what its meant to eat. Plus humane killing practices is huge with me.

    Great post - I think you definitely have HAPPY chickens.

    Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

  7. If only we have the space, my husband would be raising chickens as well! Which is why we are preparing for that time when we retire and get ourselves a piece of land to grow our food. I envy you for being able to do that!

    Greetings from a fellow AtoZer!
    Postcards Crossing

  8. I wish we were neighbors. I would love to buy some of your eggs! :)

  9. Hi, visiting from the A-Z list. New follower here. I love the video. Wish I could raise chickens where I live. We have the property and room but there is a city ordinance against the practice. We also have lots of coyote, which would be a problem. Must be fun seeing colored eggs around Easter :) I look forward to checking back.

    Hope to see you at my blog: http://shells-tales-sails.blogspot.com/
    I'm doing Inventions by Women A-Z

    1. Thanks for following Sharon!
      Sorry about your ordinance. I have a lot of coyotes too but they only come out at night when the chickens ar locked up tight.

    2. Thanks Jeff for the tip on my link. Please try below and let me know if it works. Much appreciated!



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