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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bushman's updates

The journey continues...

Spring is just around the corner and things around Bushman's little acre are beginning to pick up in intensity.

There are so many things to do and time is slipping by fast.

Our #1 concern, of course, is getting as much ready for little Corabella whose arrival is a short 45 days away.

It seems like Momma's belly is getting bigger by the minute.  She has done so well throughout this pregnancy.  She really hasn't gained a ton of weight and what she does have is all belly/baby.  It's so cute to see such a small person with a round baby belly.

Our biggest dilemma now is the onset of gestational diabetes.  She was diagnosed a few weeks ago and we have been moderately successful in controlling her blood sugars but it has been difficult at times learning what foods affect her the most.  Not everyone is the same and while we get general guidelines of the internet they do not always pertain.

  Not only do I have to shop/cook according to her diabetes but Kaitlin is glucose intolerant as well.  It is daunting at times to find different foods to prepare that everyone can eat and harder yet that everyone will like.  Luckily for us/me grilling season has finally arrived.  The weather has started to turn around and we have been seeing 50s, 60s and even a few 70s thrown in.  This weekend we will set the clocks back and will be rewarded with an extra hour of daylight at the end of  the day.

I finally retired the old grill and purchased a new one.  4 years ago we purchased a new grill from Walmart.  It looked to be of reputable construction.  Of course, it wasn't and after 4 years of grilling the insides are pretty much rusted out.  It wasn't a cheap grill either at $400+ dollars.

So as much as I didn't want to do it I purchased a new grill.  This time, I didn't waste time with the crap grills and I bought a Weber.  It has a 10-year warranty on it.  Sure it was twice as expensive as the old one but I should be able to get 15+ years out of it and I can get replacement parts.  The other grill I couldn't.  I picked it up last Sunday and I have cooked on it every night except last night.  I love it.  What a huge difference compared to other "China" grills.

We had our baby shower 3 weeks ago Saturday and it was so nice to see everyone.  We received so many gifts for the baby.  We had family arrive from all over.  As a new Dad, I am still amazed at how much stuff it takes to raise a baby.  We have things piled everywhere.  Car seats, stroller, pack and play, bouncy thing, clothes coming out of our ears, formula, formula maker, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, blankets, shoes, hats, jackets and so much more.  We still need more is what I'm hearing.  Momma has another baby shower this month put on by just her co-workers so there will be another mass arrival of baby things.

Momma will be going in at week 36 to have the CERCLAGE removed.  the Doctor does not want to take any chances that she will go into labor prematurely and tear the cerclage.  This makes me nervous of course but as the Doctor says if she goes into labor afterward it is only 3 weeks sooner than her scheduled c-section date so it's not a horrible thing.  It is still safer than to risk leaving it in.

Around the house things have been shaping up nicely.  The nursery is complete and awaiting its new resident.

I have all the windows replaced on the second floor except for two of them which will be replaced this weekend.  I already purchased the windows I just have to install them.  Once they are in I only have two more to go and the entire house will have new windows.

I am working on a laundry room update.  I picked up a kitchen counter top and will install that above the front load washer and dryer.  It makes a great folding /work area.  A utility sink will be installed next to the washing machine for anything from washing shoes or the dog or simply washing my hands without entering the main house area.  In between the washer and dryer I have a lower kitchen cabinet that will be painted and installed.  Above the washer/dryer I will frame in the exposed pipes and hang short shelves with an upper cabinet on each side.  Here is a preliminary picture of a few things just set into place.  Of course, the room will receive a fresh coat of paint.

Outside the snow has melted and now the job of bringing everything back to life begins.  There are about a billion "land mines" to pick up and then the lawn will need a good cleaning of sticks and other debris.  Then a good rolling and a fertilizer application.  The garden will need to be cleaned up and certain areas roto-tilled.  The garden may not get much attention this year with the little one making her debut about the time I start my plants from seeds.  I want to spend all my time with her so the garden will take a back seat for now.  I look forward to the days when I can have her out there with me!

The day before our baby shower we had a powerful windstorm rip through the area and it removed a section of siding from the house.  I was able to re-install it but because it is aluminum siding and was bent during the storm it looks terrible.  So I now have to eventually re-side the house.  The insurance company would have only repaired the damaged part and I would have had an odd looking house.  For what it would have cost to pay them the deductible I could re-side the entire front of my house and probably then some.  Oh well, just another project, right?

The A to Z challenge is coming up again and while I said that I wasn't doing it this year the closer it gets, the more sad I get thinking of skipping.  Time will tell.

I suppose that's enough catching up for now.  Have a great weekend and I'll see ya soon,


  1. Sorry your wife is struggling with diabetes. That should pass after the baby is born, right?
    That is a heck of a nice grill.
    And hate to break it to you, but we are springing forward this weekend, which means we lose an hour. Yeah, I always hate losing that hour of sleep...

  2. Won't be long now before baby is born!! Everything is looking great with the things you are doing around the house; I do like your new grill, I'm sure it will get tons of use. A/Z is always a challenge to figure out to do or not. I settled with a very simple theme this year and got everything done with it except for a few pictures I still need to take.

    I'm sure everything will continue to go well through the rest of your wife's pregnancy; hopefully you guys will figure out an eating plan that works well for you all to help with her gestational diabetes.


  3. Wow - how is it you get so much done within the same 24 hours I seem to fritter away? Corabella's room looks amazing - she is one lucky little princess.

    I know the next 45 days will rush by, though maybe for Angel they will seem like they are dragging on, so stay the course and keep on doing what you're doing - nesting. You're quite good at it too - what with installing new windows, the laundry room getting a makeover and even the garden is getting some attention.

    Before you know it you'll have a little pair of hands digging in the dirt - uprooting all your veggies and giggling all the while as you look on in delight. Can't wait either for those moments - you better be getting a few photo albums in all those shower gifts.

    As to the A to Z - participate as always and regale us with life on Bushman's Little Acre... see right there is the theme. Don't bog yourself down with prepping and planning. Give us a daily peek into how you and Angel are preparing yourselves, your home, your family and friends, for the arrival of Corabella. (She's already the letter C) You can easily do a short little snippet about the whole adventure. Damn man, work with me here... the posse needs you! Don't you just love the pressure. hahahaha

    Whatever you decide we that follow you will enjoy any and all offerings when it comes to your posts. So go with the flow and do what works best for you.

    Sent with smiles and happy thoughts. Give my best to Angel. I know she's in good hands with her doctors and you looking after her. As to the GD it will go after little Corabella arrives, so she should try not to stress over it too much. (hard to do though isn't it). Hugs to you both.


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