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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Fanatical

Last day folks!

The end of the month, the end of the alphabet and the end of any spare time!

The new job officially starts Monday even though I have spent half of this week, it seems, in meetings about our kick-off.

So let's sum up this month while I still have time the baby is due to awaken.

  • Last minute sign-up for A to Z.  (seriously signed up on day 1)
  • Baby is born  (a few weeks early)
  • I apply for a new job  (add in a few weeks of fretting)
  • Work picks up in schedule  (overtime kicks in)
  • Offered the new position at work  (add in even more fretting)
  • Begin trying to balance both jobs  (finishing off the one while kicking off the other)
  • New baby takes up a lot of free time (in a good way)  (not that I had much anyway)
  • Parents arrive from Florida for a visit  (first time seeing baby)
  • Brother and family arrive for a visit from Northern Michigan (first time seeing baby)
  • Spring chores begin in earnest  (one week the lawn is covered in snow and the next..mowing!)
  • Try like hell to get daily posts written  (never had much time for reading and visiting)
  • Today is lawn mowing (again) and installing the two remaining windows  (UGH!)
  • Tomorrow is May

So in a nutshell, you could say I'm


[zel-uh s] 

full of, characterized by, or due to zealardently active, devoted, ordiligent.
Antonyms: apatheticlackadaisical.

Some would say I'm overzealous but life's too short to not try everything.

Am I right?

(baby woke up.  Fed her, changed her and gave her medicine.  Now I'm back to the computer with coffee and a video baby monitor)

OK, she wanted no part of that.  Now I have a companion in my study!


  1. I would take that companion any day :)

    You truly are overzealous!

    Good luck with the new job but I'm sure you will ace it, just like you aced this challenge with everything else going on in your life :)

    congrats on finishing it!


  2. Wow, you DID have a busy month and you did it! Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  3. Beautiful baby. I can't believe what all you accomplished this month. You really had a full plate. I commend you for completing the challenge. Zealous is the perfect word. As an attorney, we were always taught to be zealous advocates. I hope things calm down for you soon. I'm looking forward to a calmer month of May. I fell behind in so many areas of my life during the first part of April as I worked to meet as many new bloggers as I could and then I fell behind in commenting on blogs as I worked to catch up in every other area of my life. I really needed a better balance, but I had a blast and I will participate in the challenge every year. Glad for the opportunity to connect with you. Take care. Enjoy your baby.


  4. Love the pictures of your beautiful daughter! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Love the pictures of your beautiful daughter! Keep 'em coming!

  6. Wow, that's awesome. You achieved more in a month than I've achieved in a year. Also, your companion seems like she would be way too distracting by way of cuteness, but hey, you're still getting stuff done, so...


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