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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rolling with it

4 days in - I think I can do this.

The bigger question is...can I go back?

I love waking up and having coffee and watching the sun come up.  No rush to get to work.  No sense of disdain for the work day ahead.

Life just got a whole lot more simple.

Yes, we can go to the store and take care of "essential" business but I have yet to leave this little happy acre.  I am completely happy right where I am at.

Corabella and I are starting to develop a routine.  She wakes up between 7:30 and 8 which gives me ample time to enjoy my early mornings.

We have chocolate milk and good morning hugs.  A few cartoons then breakfast and usually by 9am we are headed outside.  The goal is multipurpose.  First and foremost is to have fun, second is to make some sort of progress on our current projects and third is to burn up some of her endless energy which coincidentally makes it easier for her to take a nap.

Lunch time is around 12-12:30 and then nap time from 1 till whenever she wakes up.

Momma is working from home and after nap time she is done working and then the two of them get to do arts and crafts and we try and sneak in some educational things.

Yesterday we had an early birthday party for her.  I figured we might as well get the good stuff in her hands so we can play with them over the next couple weeks.

Here are some pics of the projects we have been working on and one of Corabella's favorite birthday present.

We are working on a new garden layout with all new raised beds, trellises and fences

My woodshed is full so I had to make some additional storage racks for the firewood I have been cutting.

Corabella's favorite birthday present!

Stay tuned for more updates,


  1. Boing, boing, boing!
    Yes, this is forcing people to slow down and enjoy life.

  2. Glad you guys are establishing your routine. Kids thrive on routines!



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