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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

MOM!!!!!!! Bushman's stuck at home and he's making me nervous!

It is quiet.  No...not really.
The fridge hums endlessly and my yellow lab snores softly under my feet. 
The clock, impervious to all, ticks its ominous reminder that time is expiring and I have yet to make an impression on the world.

I have this feeling of foreboding hanging over me.  Do you remember when you misbehaved as a child?  One of those warm summer days when kids will be kids but Mom has had enough and she threatens you with one of the most powerful phrases known to a kid?  Yeah, that one.

"You wait till your father gets home young man!"

Then, if whatever you had done was bad enough and you knew you were in for it, you would sulk around the rest of the day with a heavy chest just knowing the end is near.

That's how I feel right now.  I understand I am not alone in this but it's nice to just air out once in awhile. 

As I sit amidst a tangled menagerie of construction paper, glue, stickers, beads and those funny serrated kids scissors I can only wonder what the next three weeks will be like.
While it seems as though it should be an epic great time I can't seem to make it to that level yet.

I spent last week working part time from home as our daycare was shut down thanks to the China Virus.  Yes, I said that...sue me.

I would start at 5am and work until 10am.  Race home and then my wife would head to work and return home around 6:30 pm.

It was me and little Corabella for 8 hours straight.  She is 3 and will be turning 4 in 2 weeks.
She is the love of my life but she is also a toddler and toddlers have more energy than Richard Simmons on meth. 

Our great state of Michigan has announced a 3 week shutdown of all non-essential services.
My job falls into that category along with a million others.

We are stocked up on fun stuff, apple juice and chocolate milk, movies and popcorn.
I have started the garden project.  After a couple year hiatus it is time to start it up again.
I also have a mountain of firewood to split and stack along with that there is plenty more in the woods to cut and bring home.

So there is no shortage of things to do. 

Not really sure what I'm getting at here so bear with me.  I'm a little rusty at this writing thing.

Perhaps when it is all said and done this may be a good thing.  I think we all need a little grounding and most definitely more family time.

Stay tuned for more...



  1. Good to hear from you!
    Never had kids but I know they are all speed and no vector.
    Unfortunately, I will continue to work through all of this. We haven't totally shut down here, but gyms and salons were just closed and school is out until the middle of May.

  2. My gosh I can't believe your little one is almost 4 years old. Yep an exhausting age but a fun one. If she still naps take naps when she does. Remember this too will pass and think of the great memories being made with time well spent with her!



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