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Friday, May 21, 2010

Carpentry in the Garden

Today started with rain:(
I was planning on planting the garden today but alas...
I started out the morning with a trip to the local hardware store.  (you would think we lived on Rodeo Dr. with the prices these guys charge)  I needed screws and they had a sale on a Corona by-pass hand pruner that I felt I just couldn't live without.
The great thing about a hardware store is they carry all the stuff you forgot that you made need someday.LOL  I ended up with a handful, no an arm full of goodies.

Grass seed, hose sprayers(2 fer $5.95) pruners which were only $12 -50% off,  a magnetic bit holder, a bag of #2 phillips bits and a 5 lb box of 3" coarse thread drywall screws.  Oh yeah, the grass seed says NEW!(like I thought they were gonna sell me old seed !)

So I returned home and headed out to the woodshop to finish building my garden fence.
It was quick work as I had my jigs already set up so no measuring was necessary just cut, drill and screw.
The drill press makes quick work of drilling all the pilot holes.

Staple on the chicken wire and done.  Once finished I took them outside and screwed them together and to the railroad ties that surround the garden.  That should keep the critters and the dogs out.
Then I built some more planting boxes out of scrap 2x4s and laid them out in the garden.  Tomorrow I will lay weed fabric under all the boxes and plant the veggies.  Then I will collect the grass clippings from the yard and fill the boxes with grass mulch.  This keeps out weeds and holds moisture.  By simply running the rototiller up and down the area between the boxes I keep the garden weed free.  Well except the corn and beans.  That I do by hand.

There are more boxes than in this pic but you get the idea.The dogs were not very happy though. 
They are not allowed in the garden.  I'm a meanie!!

I finished the building just in time because we had a heck of a little storm blow through.
So I am almost prepped.  Tomorrow I plant.
So far I have 20 tomato plants, 12 bell pepper, 2 jalapeno, 6 Cayenne, 6 Chili pepper, 6 Banana pepper, 6 cabbage, 4 Broccoli, 6 cucumber, 6 zuchinni plants that I need to get in the ground.
Plus 36 Roma tomato plants for the neighbor
By seed I have corn, beans, lettuce, mesclun salad, radish, swiss chard, iceberg lettuce,

Well it's time for dinner so I will be back tomorrow!!
Happy Spring planting to all:)

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