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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sunrise

         Today started out perfect.
I woke up!
Anything more than that is a gift from God.
It is wise to remember that.
I stumbled my way to the coffee pot and
saw this out the window.

It was beautiful.
I fed the boys and waited for the sun to peak over the horizon.
It did(another gift)

While I was running around barefoot at 6 am I snapped a couple pics of the plants I put
in yesterday.  I have a little more work to do but the bulk is done.  Now I just need to collect the grass clippings and fill the wooden boxes and cover up the fabric.

Did a lot of grass cutting yesterday as well.  Was pretty tuckered out by supper time.
Today I need to finish the lawn, collect some clippings, do a little more planting, catch a noon meeting and maybe work on the outdoor chicken room for a bit.  I figured I would relax a bit today.  It is Sunday!!
Also have a guy coming to check out a plumbing leak somewhere in the ceiling between up and downstairs bathrooms.  He is supposed to be here at 8 AM.  Momma just loves that!!

There is a new grill at the store I have my eye on.  I will do my best to talk Momma into a purchase.
It is only like $225 and it has propane on one side and charcoal on the other.  Seems like I saw something about an available smoke box for it too.  Sounds like brisket heaven to me.  Both my propane and charcoal grills are about junk.  Both were given to me 5 yrs ago or more so a new purchase is warranted.
(in my mind anyways)
 The boys were ready to go this morning and I promised them some play time so I had better get on it before I have a canine mutiny on my hands.

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