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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday grass cutting marathon

I wanted to cut the grass today and then collect/rake all the clipings up to fill my garden boxes.
I forgot how long it takes and how sun will burn my skin.LOL
I spent about 6 hours cutting the grass and windrowing it.  I would cut in big loops blowing the grass inwards at all times.  When I reached the middle I held a plastic leaf rake in front of the chute and all the clippings piled up in a little row.  It worked really good and my arm got a heck of a workout holding that rake.
I used a wheelbarrow and went around and raked it all up.  I opened the gate to the garden and wheeled it right in and filled up the boxes.  I didn't have enough to fill up all the boxes so I went into the pasture and cut a little out of there to finish.

Now the only thing I need to weed is the 20 inches between the rows which just happens to be the size of the rototiller.  I will be hooking up a sprinkler system to water everything at once on Saturday.

I did all this work yesterday but was too tired to sit at the computer.
That brush pile in the middle of the yard is the fire pit.  That will disappear Saturday as well.
Here is a shot of the chicken yard I finished up the other day.  The girls are starting to use it more and more now.

My little bantam is beaking out the door.  Yes I said beaking-- get it?  Yah yah I know crude attempt at a little poultry humour!

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