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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flower day!!!!!!!

We went shopping for flowers today.  We picked up 4 flats of annuals, 3 hanging baskets, a six pack of wave petunias, and Kaitlin got a little baby catus.
                                           The baskets were beautiful and well worth the $20.

I also picked up a couple rail planters made from coconut fibers.

Kaitlin and I planted the flowers in these
Then Kaitlin planted some flowers in the pots I got for Christmas last year.

Momma painted the front door on the house and planted her little planters on the front deck.

The front deck is great for late afternoon shade.  We have a hammock to lay in and relax or read a book.

I cleaned the hot tub and weeded out the bird feeder bed.  Filled up the feeders along with the hummingbird feeders out in the yard.  Hung up a new hose holder.  I will fill up the bird feeder bed tomorrow with the leftover annuals.

It was a great day.  When I was done I had a date with 2 beautiful ladies at the local Mexican restaraunt.
(Joe was house sitting)
After dinner we went to the Goodwill store to pick up accesories for the garden scarecrow.
Wait till you see him.  So far we have yellow pants, a green and yellow checked shirt. A sun hat and a parrot to perch on his shoulder.  Why the parrot?  Why not is a better question!
We also have some small windmills to put in his hands.  Tomorrow he shall live!!
Gunner and Remmi were a big help as well.  You just can't get the perfect soil compaction unless your dog runs through the flower bed while your working in it.  Most people don't know it:):):)

I forgot to tell everyone it's hold your toungue out for picture day!!

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