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Friday, June 4, 2010

Party Day!!!!!

Today is Kaitlins Birthday Party Day.  She has about 10 girls coming over tonight for a sleepover/bonfire/hot tub/smores/giggling/whatever else 13-14 yr old girls do.  So I have a lot of work to do around the house.
Starting with a lawnmowing and fire pit re-construction.  After work last night I came home and strarted tearing out the old fire pit.  It has been kinda ugly looking and I wanted to re-do it.  As usual it was a we bit more than I expected.  I only took one picture at about the half way part of removal.
I didn't think the rocks were ever going to stop coming out of the ground.
I managed to get them all up and re graded the pit.  I will take some more pics today with a camera instead of a phone.  I will be downsizing it a little bit and building the walls a bit more formally.
I also need to make some roasting sticks for the camp fire, set up tents, and do a general clean up.
I turned down the chance at a walleye fishing trip in Saginaw Bay on Saturday because Kaitlin has a soccer game at 9am and I have to stay here with all the girls and make pancakes.
The things we do for our kids(and wives).  Next weekend when I am available my buddy is all booked up.  Go Figure!!!!!! Friday I was picked for inventory at work.  Hmmmmm

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