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Saturday, June 5, 2010

That was interesting!!!

Well all the girls have went home and the mess is 98% cleaned up.  11 girls for a sleep over and Birthday party was intense.  All went well and every one had fun. 
Friday morning started with a call from the neighbor.  His sheep had got out of the pen.  Not your ordinary sheep either.  These are Auodad sheep.  Native to the high hills of Africa.  Big curved horns and everything.  We were able to get 1 of the 3 back because she was tame the other two are not and are still MIA.
We found her back at the wastewater treatment plant the workers had tied her to a tree and locked the gates on the other female.  The big male was nowhere to be found.  I grabbed the rope and proceded to walk her (drag) back towards the house(1/2 mile).  Through the mosquito infested woods and flooded grass strips.  Across the battle creek river(in my blue jeans and tennis shoes) and into her pen.  She is really quite tame but was unwilling to walk with the rope around her horns so it was a battle the whole way.  The other one was supposed to follow but had other ideas.  Once done with that I had to get the lawn mowed and tents set up and dinner made and marshmallow sticks made dishes done and well you get the point.  5 pm and people started showing up.  Just in time I was still wet from my quick shower. 
I also had to finish my fire pit.  see look

The girls ate and had cake and ice cream.  But not before a water ballon fight.
( I gotta admit I was getting a little freaked out about all the ballons on my nice lawn)

Angel had some neat games all lined up for them.  The first was a balloon head bounce game.  Everyone lined up and bounced ballons back and forth with nothing but their heads.  Last ones left won a prize.

Then they played a lifesaver game.  Had to pick up lifesavers off of a styrofoam plate with a tooth pick.  Two teams twice around.  The tooth pick would get stuck in the plate if you did it too hard.  It was quite comical.

My favorite game was a balloon in a chair and you had to sit on it to pop it.  Hillarious!!

Then there was the ping pong ball and straw race

They also put on shower caps and covered their heads with shaving cream.  Standing a set distance apart their partner tossed cheetos into the shaving cream.  Unfortunatley I didn't get pics of this it was getting dark.
Had a nice sunset to go with the party
  A thunderstorm had just rolled through and if your from Michigan you know how pretty it can be after a storm.
And of course their was hot tubbing and smores over the campfire. 

I wish I wasn't surrounded by powerlines.
Here are some more various pics.

Of course the dogs had a great time as well.  Especially this morning eating cheetos covered in shaving cream that were all over the lawn.  Watermelon this afternoon and who knows what Grandma fed them while she was here.  Plent of hose water and action kept those two busy all day.  I also took them swimming in the pond earlier this afternoon.  It was Remmi's first "big" water experience.  He jumped right in.  Now he just needs to learn how to dog paddle instead of splash paddle.  Right now they are out cold snoring away and letting little cheeto farts :)  you can see below what they did most of the day.

Tomorrow I think I might build some new bird feeders.  I will try and get some pics of all the birds too.
Tonight I saw 3 different hummingbirds on my baskets. Click on the pics to blow them up 12 megapixels gives really good pics.  Just hit your back button (upper left corner of your screen)to return.
See ya tomorrow!!!!!

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