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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunshine Anyone?

Where O' Where do I begin.
Are you looking for a little piece of heaven.  Quiet, solitude and serenity?  Shell covered beaches where egrets and cranes stalk the surf.  The sound of the waves crashing is all you hear except the occasional call of a seagull.  Well I found it.  Tucked in between million dollar high rises on a quiet secluded island nestled between Sarasota bay and the Gulf of Mexico is a paradise that captures the essence of the Old World Florida I remember from my yester-year. 

When parking lots reign supreme in a world of mass marketing and the high rises block the beautiful sunsets in the evening.  Where palm trees are stripped to make way for convenience stores and sea turtles no longer nest you can be lucky to find such paradise.  LongBoat Key and the beautiful Sea Club I resort is my escape from everyday life.  A place to curl my toes in the sand and soak up the sunshine as much as my white northern body can withstand.  See for yourself.

The entrance.

Flowers on the beach?  Can't get that in Daytona!

A place to BBQ with the family.

An Angel in the pool?
The sliding glass doors in the upper right corner is our room!

A beach front villa.  Yes I'm standing on the beach that's how close it is.

A sea turtle nest right in front of the resort.

Beach grasses grow freely and are protected by law

Endless beaches free for your walking and shelling pleasure

Turquoise blue ocean

Shell covered beaches

I'm pretty sure an Angel has walked here!

Check back for updates as we just got here and there is alot more to come.

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