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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on the garden and other uninteresting things

Well Sunday morning I attempted a bit of backyard mechanichtry.  (It's my word please don't use it without permission.)  I had to change the harmonic balancer on my car.  For those of you not aware of what that is-- google it-- cause I had to.  I am such a miser that I won't take it in and have it done I will attempt it myself and here is the story.  Nothin fancy just a story.
The balancer lies hidden at the bottom of the engine tucked in behind plastic wheel well covers and brakes and a tire and AC lines and well you get the point.  After removing all said parts(except AC lines) the balancer was exposed.  I had purchased the balancer and a balance puller the day before and  I thought I had hit the jackpot because when I was in the parts store I just happened to glance in the clearance bin while waiting in line and BAM there it was a balancer puller for $9.  The others were much more expensive.
I smiled all the way home because I had kept my repair under $90. 
Anyways back to the story.  I line the puller up and bolt it to the pulley and begin to turn the screw that makes the pulley slide off of the shaft.  SNAP!!  One of the ears on the puller breaks off.  Disgusted I removed the puller and jumped in the car to purchase the other one.  Well they weren't open yet so I had to tool around town for 40 minutes.  Got a new one and returned.
Here is the pulley/balancer

Here is the pulley removed

Amazingly the old one pulled right off and the new installed easily.

Here is the new one all shiny like.  The car is actually running in this picture.  Hear it?
Anyways I told you it wasn't a fancy story but you had to read it didn't ya?

Here are some better pics.
The garden grew like crazy while we were gone.  The sweet corn is over Archer's head and he is all of 6 foot 4 inches.

That's pumpkins on his left

That is the watermelon on his left.  There is watermelon as big as a volleyball already.

These are hot peppers

Tomato rows that are up to my belly in the back of the row.
I trimmed them all up so you can walk down the rows and topped them as well.  I must have discarded 2 wheelbarrows full of tomato trimmings.

Overall shot.

The florida trip will be coming soon I am waiting on some film to be developed.
We had a couple waterproof cameras we used on one leg of our adventure.
Stay tuned it will probably be this weekend.

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