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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Dinner Theme is Caribbean!!

Ok I have settled on a theme for dinner tonight.  A very simple yet refreshing menu.
I went to the market yesterday and was truly unhappy witht the selection of beef.  I won't comment any more than I think my dogs may have given it a second look.
The seafood section, particularly the scallops left something to be desired as well.  Fortunatley for me they have a chalk board on the wall that says how old the product is and when it will be removed from the display.
There were approx. 8 scallops left in the tray and they had been there for a week according to the board.  Luckily they are due to be removed today so I can get some fresh ones.

For my appetizer I will make a seared sea scallop nestled in an avocado ring and sprinkled with crumbled chorizo.  Topped with a warm and salty mojo of cumin, garlic and other yummy things.  Finally dressed with a sprig of cilantro.

My entree will be a marinaded and grilled Caribbean chicken breast served on a bed of pineapple salsa and some spicy(not too spicy lets call them warm) green beans fresh from the garden.  Perhaps a small bowl of a corn chutney as well.  Sweet corn is in right now so it just sounds really good.  I will explain the marinade in a future blog as well as photos.  So for now that's it I need to go shopping so I can prep the chicken and get it marinaded.

Oh yeah our guests will be bringing desert!!
There may be a stray margarita or daquiri floating around as well.  Perhaps the bottle of green apple reisling we brought back from Florida or the triple berry shiraz!!

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