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Friday, August 6, 2010

Well I don't have much this morning.  I have a busy weekend coming up though.  Stay tuned for pictures.
We are having a dinner party on Saturday.  Well to me it's a dinner party.  Everyone else calls it a BBQ.  NOT!!!  I want to cook good food that is not your everyday ordinary food.  I have decided to start "training" myself on-line in professional chefography.  I can cook don't get me wrong but there is so much more out there to learn.  I am not so vain as to think I don't need to learn anything else.  I just want to get better and better.  So I am working on a menu for Saturday.  So far for an appetizer I want a Seared Scallop nestled in an avocado ring sprinkled with cooked bacon bits and drizzled with a mojo sauce and garnished with cilantro.  The mojo sauce will be a combination of herbs and spices you would commonly find in a quacomole or a latin inspried flavor if you will.  I am not sure yet. 
For a main course I would like a red protein.  I have to check prices but I would like to see a nice bit of filet and then I would like to saute some fresh green beans from the garden with onions, garlic and a little bit of the bacon to help tie it to the appetizer.  Then the fond left from the saute would create a red wine based sauce to drizzle on the filet.
To go with that I would like to roast some cherry tomatos that have been seasoned and drizzled with olive oil until they burst and them place them on a crunchy piece of bread and top with a bit of cheese and fresh herbs and then grilled slightly.  My only problem is I am going from latin inspired appetizer to an Italian based entree.  Hmmmm I'll have to figure a way to tie them in. I just have a craving for the fresh flavors found in the Latin/Caribbean style. 
And as a side note I think I may re-live my youth a bit.  You may think I'm nuts but oh well.  There is an old fridge in the wood shop that we were going to dispose of and I think I want to clean it up and make a mini keg-er-rator out of it.  Have a tap mounted on the side of it.  Still using it for a fridge of course.  I'm thinking like quarter keg style.  Bottle of CO2.  Who knows.  It may never come to fruition but who cares it's fun to at least think young again.
Ok for not havin' much I sure am carrying on so off to the store I go.  Making a big pot of Chili for dinner.
Oh yeah did I tell you we got a new TV.  Just a little one.  Food TV in HD.  Yeee hah!!
Its a 52 inch LCD Sony Bravia.  I like it.  That's jen Carfagno on the Weather Channel.  She's my TV girlfriend.  She just doesn't know it yet.  LOL

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