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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Totals

Well I sort of feel like maybe I don't blog enough.  Some people blog everyday.  I mainly blog on weekends.  Not that I don't have anything to say because I always have some smart ass comment to make to somebody.  Just ask the guys at work.  They think it's the chair I sit in at break and lunch.  Sometimes they ask to borrow the chair so they can....be mean, vent, crack wise, crack jokes, be stupid, act weird, make no sense whatsoever, just plain old be an @$$hole.  This is what I do in the chair.  It's a lucky chair.  I've replaced the screws in the bottom 3 times now.  I will never be rid of the chair.  It is my personality clarifier.  If you think you know me...not till you've seen me in the chair.  I do have a chair at home as well and a couch and a stool, I'm sure my wife can fill you in on the rest of the sitting utensils in our household that "clarify" my personality.  But back to the first sentence about post quantity.  The problem I have posting during the week is I'm either....tired, crabby, grouchy, mean, tired, crazy, exasperated ( not sure how that fits but I heard it on TV and I wanna be cool too) uncreative, lazy, bored, tired shall I keep going?  I admire the people that can blog everyday.  Sorry not me.  I don't want it to feel forced.  I don't want it to be Twitter or Tweeter or Squatter or whatever that is where people just randomly say what they are doing.  (which I do by the way but on facebook after a couple sarsaparillas) but I also don't want to lose any of my readers by my sparse posting.  Worse yet is a forced post which I have done and if you find one you win a prize.  I don't like it but sometimes you just feel obligated.  Terrible isn't it?
So there see.. I just posted about posting and you're reading it.  You're hooked.  Can't live without me I know.  No worries.
So now what?  I move to a cool picture and fade out and you're left with a quizzical look on your face and wondering how my wife actually lives with me.  Simple as that.

Here is a ladder truck we built at work.  We build the chassis and crimson puts on the ladder unit.

I will get some better pictures some other time.  Time to finish dinner.  Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes.
See ya tomorrow thanks for reading my blog total increase post.

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