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Sunday, October 31, 2010

High Speed Beef

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I was busy chasing deer.  I went out Friday night bow hunting and arrowed a nice big fat doe.  I let her sit overnight instead of tromping through the woods with a flashlight. 
I awoke Saturday morning and at dawn went looking for her.  I recovered her not 50 yards from my stand.
It wasn't warm yesterday but it wasn't quite cool enough either so I skinned her, carved off all of the fat, and if her fat is any indicator of our winter to come...look out!  I removed forelegs, head and rib cage and then rinsed her with cold water to help her chill out.  I generally like to let a deer hang a few days to help the proteins in the meat to begin breaking down.  The first two this year I had to process immediately.  This one may be able to hang awhile.  It was below freezing last night.  Back straps and jerky yum yum!!!
Today I am taking the camper out for a test run down the freeway a bit.  Make sure everything is good.  Check and probably re-pack the wheel bearings and make sure the taillights are functioning properly.
One of my favorite sayings is,
"Preparation is the key to success"

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