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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walmart Revenge

Ok so I went back to Walmart but this time I was prepared.  I felt that I must fit in to appreciate all the great deals that I see on the television.  Just for you my dear readers I made my wife sit in the car and take a picture.  The only problem was they wouldn't let me in.  I made it as far as the greeter when I was stopped and asked to leave.  Can you imagine someone actually being discriminated against at Walmart.  I mean have you seen the people in there?  I thought my attire was moderate to say the least.  So of course they pissed me off and I set fire to the girl scout cookie stand on my way back to the car.  I just want to fit in is all.  :(
Well I guess it's back to E-bay for coffee pots!!!!!!!!!!


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