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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lovely Ladies With Buck Saws

We went Christmas tree shopping last Saturday.  Same farm as last time except his selection of fir trees was dramatically lessened from last year.  We still found a very nice tree.  Within 15 minutes it was located and the cutting commenced.  My big tough daughter loves this kind of stuff.  She gladly took the saw, laid right down in the mud, half buried under pine boughs, and began the cutting.
She is a trooper and just a glance at her you would never guess that she would like cutting down trees, cutting up deer(also playing with the carcass as it hangs in the barn) making venison snack sticks, hunting, fishing and numerous other things that most girls wouldn't touch.  She even put her friend to work hauling the tree back to the barn.

Not really sure I was needed this year.  I love it.  Now she knows exactly how to take her family tree shopping when she grows up and can enjoy the hunt and the fun of it all over again. 
The tree still sits in the den, right behind me actually, unadorned and lonely without it's lights and shiny ornaments.  I feel bad for it but that will change this weekend.  I will dress her up and and she will be pretty as ever.  But for now I'm going hunting.  There is a shortage of venison and my freezer that I am having a heck of a time trying to rectify.  Maybe today is the day. 
Can you picture this lovely young lady under a tree with a buck saw in her hand?

If only she had her step father's demeanor instead of her mother's.
Damn genes anyways!!

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