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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Nabisco Hair Style and plastic in the road!

Well what do you know it's winter in Michigan.  Our first blizzard arrived on Sunday.  Blizzard is classified as extremely windy with snow and or blowing snow, we had all three.  Not much for accumulation but extremely treacherous.  I hunted Sunday morning as the front was pushing through.  Temps were in the 30's and the rain had just turned to snow.  Big fat wet flakes that stuck to everything.  Very pretty out in the woods.
The deer weren't moving and I had to be back by 10am to get the smoker fired up for some summer sausage, or should I say winter sausage.
This is a shot of the back yard from the barn around noon.  Snowing so hard it looks like dusk out.

So it was sort of an exciting day.  Running back and forth to the barn through the blizzard like winds.  Each time the tracks from the previous trip had disappeared.

Joe had his holiday concert at school Friday night and we went and watched that.  It was pretty good.  Three different choirs and 2 different orchestras performed.  It was fun but long.  Plus there was this little old lady in front of us and I was transfixed on her hair.  I don't mean to be mean but it reminded me of Nabisco shredded wheat cereal.  Big biscuit like things in a bowl of milk.  Yes I had to take a picture.  Heaven please forgive me.

My punishment, for making fun of this old ladies hair, was a nice crash up derby on the way to work this morning.

I was going slow, about 12 in a 25 and was coming up on a 4 way stop and started to apply my brakes.  It was black ice.  There was  Jeep Cherokee stopped at the sign and i was still a good distance from the intersection and no other cars were in the area.  So I am trying to stop but not terribly worried because she should be leaving the intersection at any moment and I will just slide on thru.  So as I am sliding, still, she is not moving.  Just sitting there.  So i try to steer around her but the car won't turn.  By this time I am doing about 8-10 mph and she still sits there.  Now I'm screwed and I know I am gonna hit her and bang right into her rear end.  And the trailer hitch I might add.  So I get out and check my car and it's wasted but not leaking antifreeze so i leave it running.  I walk over to her and she gets out, i ask if she is OK and she says yes then she looks at her bumper and says, " huh, didn't do anything to my car".  Yep not a scratch.  At that moment I see a way out of this and I ask her if she is good and she says yes and gets in her car and drives away.  No cops called.  No ticket, no points on my record and no fines.  Now I only have plpd insurance so I will have to pay all the cost of repairs but it's better than cops.  I don't like cops.  So I left work early and came home and made it somewhat roadworthy.  I had to hook a chain to the front and the other end to a telephone pole and back up real fast to straighten it out but it's better.  $250 will buy me new headlights, hood and bumper.  What are ya gonna do?
I think as she drove away she transformed back into the little old lady from the concert and chortled to herself, "Nabisco shredded wheat my little old A$$".
Damn bad drivers anyways!

I never did get to see the little old ladies face but I bet it looked like this!

Yeah I know I have another accident on the way.  I just can't keep my mouth shut.
Damn old mouth anyways!!

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  1. You should practice this line . . ."Welcome to Hell - my name is Bushman."

    Just kidding, my husband gets on to me for taking pictures of irresistibly strange folks in airports. Your experience leads me to believe in instant karma, however, and I'm going to stop that bad behavior after my next trip.


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