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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing with a Glimpse

Good morning! 
I was fortunate enough to find myself at my desk early this morning.  I shoveled the fresh snow from the driveway and the decks the whole time enjoying watching the dogs play in the new snow.  Invigorated and innocent they were.  They only cared to frolic and enjoy their play time.  A steaming cup of coffee in hand I sat down to peruse the world wide web.  A visit to Studio 30 took some time and I'll admit I still don't have it figured out.  So once I finished with that I ran back over here and checked the blog of note page to see who was up for stardome and I found "A Tiny Leaf".  I clicked and read.  I was awestruck at the beautiful words that were on the screen.  Powerful, descriptive, sad, I could go on and on.  I read about three posts I guess when I came across a poem that, I'll paraphrase because it is not mine, described what it would feel like to be a new no one.  I believe it was only about 4 lines or so but I was dumbfounded and moved at the same time.  I wanted to leave a comment and did so but when I tried to publish it-rejected.  It seems as though Tiny Leaf does not want to be BON and has removed all posts from her blog.  I wish she wouldn't have but that is her choice and I must respect that.  I was fortunate enough to read a bit and therefore find myself to be very lucky (if only for a few minutes).  I will keep this title in mind and after all the BON has worn down to  frazzle of yarn that even a nesting bird would pass by I shall visit again.  Perhaps by then she will have re-emerged as a new no one!


  1. I had never thought about someone not wanting to get BONed. Maybe Blogger should have an opt-out feature when you set up your blog for people that don't even want to be considered.

    Personally I would think if someone doesn't want that attention, then why are they putting their work out there for all the public to read?


  2. Wait, is this the Prozac taking dog? He looks pretty mellow. I like this post.

  3. SD-I can't figure it out either but she did have followers and lots of comments I guess she just didn't want all the lampreys clinging to her blog comments to try and get noticed. I've seen it a lot where some people tag every post of a BON regardless if they are interested or not. I like to write but if no one reads it then I guess it's pointless.

  4. Hi Vickie!!!!!!
    You must be very busy. Or snowed in!!
    This is not the Prozac puppy. He was only pictured because of his frosty whiskers. I could only wish that he was nicknamed Mello Yello because this one is a torrent of energy. It's my 3 yr old big brown dog that is going to be on the big P. Seperation Anxiety. Funny thing cuz most people are trying to get away from me. LOL


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